Reflections: Here comes the band!

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Sabres Drum and Bugle Corps somewhere in the 1930s.

I remember hearing that shout when the Sabres Drum and Bugle Corps was marching in a parade. Although the band disbanded in the early 1970s, it had attracted many followers.

The band was founded in 1927, organized in January when a resolution was placed on American Legion Post 97’s books to donate $100 towards its organizing which was done by the late Guy Mathews and Paul D. Fleming .Mathews later becoming the director of the band. Members played drums, bugles, bass bugles and trumpets. At one time there were more than 40 members.

The band marched and played at events all over the state and when its 35th anniversary was celebrated in 1961, with a dinner and program led by former Lt. Gov John Brown.

Highlight of the 1961 season was appearing in the Department American Legion competition and placing second and winning the trophy for the best Drum and Bugle Corps in the North Eastern Ohio Voluntary Firemen’s convention at Ashland. The corps had an investment in excess of $1,000 in uniforms and about $2250 in instruments, all of which were paid for.

Kent Curl, now a resident of California, remember being recruited when he was a second grade students, to play the drums. “They dressed me in white pants and a tiny Legion cap putting me out front of the Corps.”

Ken Heimlich, who played drums with the corps in later years said “It was a real opportunity to appreciate what our soldiers died for.”

Junior Heimlich, who played a brass bugle, and Kenneth, are the only living members of the Corps that competed and marched in later years.

Other members honored at the 1961 dinner included George Bender, Bill Bensley, Phillip Bloom, Warren Campbell, Dean Clements, Keith Conklin, Ralph Courtney, Dave Frayer, James Frim, (director), Kenneth Heimlich, Vernon Heimlich, Wilbert Heimlich, Jr., Charles Jackson, Bill Kramer, Larry Marsh, Hayes Miller, Charles Morros, Paul Richeson, Doug Rogers, Charles Wetzel, and Robert Yake. Color Guards honored were Leonard Benson, Dale Carsner, Ted Hacker, Horace McClenathan and Warren Davis.

The Drum and Bugle Corps left lasting memories through both sound and their timed cadence.

50 years ago: Cardington firemen were called to he intersection of State Route 529 and State Route 61 where a propane gas truck was ditched. Residents in the immediate area were evacuated due to leaking propane.

Sabres Drum and Bugle Corps somewhere in the 1930s. Drum and Bugle Corps somewhere in the 1930s.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist