Proud of small-town spirit

I very much enjoyed reading your front-page editorial of July 8th, “Small towns get it done.”

You summed up the travails that we and our fellow Americans have encountered over the last many months. You then spoke on how our fellow citizens responded — how Morrow County and our towns and villages adapted and advanced with a positive outlook.

You are absolutely right about the human spirit and certainly the American spirit. This has been exemplified by our local officials, along with our local “Joes and Sallys,” who have rolled up their sleeves to do the right thing for our fellow citizens. Again, you are right on the money when you stated that this is worth commending and celebrating.

Out here in the heartland we do know how to adapt and go forward. Here we find the true American spirit that has made our country the last, best hope on earth. Thank you for noticing and reminding us all of who we are and what we represent. It is not only small towns, but also small-town papers, that get it done.

Frank Hickman II

Westfield Township