Reflections: Headlines from the past

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

I love reading newspapers published in past years.

I read stories that I had no knowledge of and note that some can be of interest today. I find the following a welcome contrast to the news of today!

For instance, I did not know that a Cardington High School graduate, G. Preston Hoff, was recognized nationally for his accomplishments as a research chemist, particularly in the field of synthetic fibers. A 1916 CHS grad, Dr. Hoff was the son of Herman and Nellie Wilson Hoff.

Following his graduation, he taught country school at Shawtown School and attended Ohio State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in 1921, 1922 and 1925, respectively.

Except for the first year following his graduation, he was employed with the DuPont Company until his retirement. He began as a research chemist and advanced through the ranks eventually promoted to the position of manager of chemical research for the Viscose Process Department where he served eight years, then transferred to the Nylon division where he was director of research until 1946.

He was later named as a director of acetate research and assistant manager and manager of the Technical Division and in 1950 was named manager of DuPont’s Acetate Division. Hoff was responsible to a considerable degree for the development of such well-known products as rayon, nylon, orlon and cellophane. He was the recipient of a number of United States patents.

The above story was published in the July 14, 1960 edition of the Morrow County Independent.

July, 1970: The Weaver IGA store at Fulton was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. William “Bill” Williams from Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Weaver. Weaver retired from the grocery business in Fulton after 26 years due to health.

He purchased the grocery and general store from the late E. B. Caris 16 years earlier. The store was located in the building was later rebuilt for the Colonial Manor Nursing Home. A year after purchase of the Caris Store, Weaver moved the stock to a building purchased from Mrs. Logan Page. Weaver was one of the IGA organization when it was formed 20 years earlier.

The new owner, Bill Williams, was an employee of HPM Division of Koehring Co., Mount Gilead, but had resided with his family in Racine, Wisconsin, where he was transferred earlier to Hartman Hydraulic, a Koehring affiliate.

He and his wife and five children were moving from Racine to the farm home on the Worthington-New Haven Road.

In 1960 there were five IGA stores in Morrow County.

July 1960: Arson was suspected in the second fire in recent weeks that destroyed the Midway Truck stop on U.S. Route 42 south of Cardington early on June 10; Lt Kent Curl, USN, received his Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan; Interstate 71 between State Route 95 and State Route 61 opened to traffic on July 1.

Three Cardington men, Charles Coleman, Thomas Landon and Jeffrey Landon, enlisted in the U. S. Navy.

July 1940: A nine-pound son was born on July 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bowers of Fulton.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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