OPINION: Protect right to vote

After Ohio’s primary election resulted in low voter turnout and confusion, Ohio Republicans are proposing it become harder to vote by mail and to vote in person. There was major voter disenfranchisement here, and in other places like Wisconsin — we must be preparing to fix these mistakes for the general election, not exacerbate them.

State Rep. Cindy Abrams of Hamilton County introduced a bill that would reduce the time for voters to vote by mail and eliminate the mailing of absentee ballot applications to all registered voters, a provision that was passed in last year’s budget. Her bill ignores any safety precautions, making voting a choice between life and democracy. Not admirable.

We have watched as Republicans have invented more and more ways to prevent people from voting, claiming, wrongly, that voting by mail is full of fraud. It is not. Several states have been doing that for years.

Shortening hours and moving polling places to inaccessible areas without public transportation are other ways they’ve tried to exclude voters. Not American.

On the other side, state Sens. Nickie Antonio and Sandra Williams introduced legislation that would make it easier for folks to vote by mail, which is not only of the utmost importance for keeping Ohioans safe during this crisis; it makes voting more accessible.

All Ohioans need to have the chance to make their voices heard by voting. Please protect that right.

Jill Grubb