What Morrow County Extension means to me

Hello my name is Jen Trainer and I was born and raised in Morrow County. I attended Mount Gilead High School and graduated in 1997. I graduated from Bluffton College with a B.A. in Food and Nutrition and a minor in Wellness. I am married to a wonderful hardworking man, Geoff and we are blessed with 3 wonderful farm girls.

I was in 4-H growing up in Mount Gilead and was involved in projects like: sewing, cooking, rabbits, and laundry. I never lived on a farm so having exposure to 4-H gave me an appreciation for more rural activities. I attended 4-H camp for a few years and have fond memories of my experiences.

Overall, I believe 4-H has helped me to build confidence in my abilities and in my leadership skills. 4-H is great at getting you out of your comfort zone and out into new experiences.

Now that I have a growing family we are involved with 4-H and have 1 clover bud aged child and 1 first year 4Her. My girls have already attended clover bud camp and 4-H camp. They have had great experiences and we are part of a great 4-H club.

The friendships, projects, and camp experiences that my girls have and will continue to have will help to shape them into well rounded adults someday. The outstanding programing that 4-H provides has been quite impressive. It is well organized and fun.

Personally, I have been involved with other aspects of Morrow County Extension other than just 4-H. I have attended workshops for cooking, canning, Annie’s Project and gardening. I married a farmer and Annie’s Project was an extensive workshop for women interested in farming. This gave me a new outlook on the life of rural America. What a valuable asset to Morrow County.

The staff that offers the workshops are amazing. They are knowledgeable and make the information interesting. The staff is willing to expand what they offer to the community, interested in progressive ideas and ways to improve.

I truly believe that we are blessed in Morrow County to have the staff and volunteer support at our Extension office. Our community does not have a college or university to offer these types of classes or programming. Morrow County Extension provides so much to the community as a resource connection with OSU. I encourage you to support our local Morrow County Extension any way possible. It is worth it.

Jen Trainer

Mount Gilead