Correct atmospheric system imbalance

We have been living within a planetary system “shift” but couldn’t “see” it until now. Scientists started noticing in the late 50s and oil companies who employed scientists learned about the shift in the late 70s, but like societies ignored the prophets of the Bible, society ignores the scientists’ pleas of impending doom… until we experience the consequences of our actions.

You see, sunlight, (short wave radiation) heats up everything on Earth including the surface of water (oceans and ice.) Some of the resulting heat (long wave radiation) that radiates off objects and surfaces is trapped by the unique property of atmospheric gasses, mainly carbon dioxide and methane (natural gas) which are invisible to us. (If we could see this process, we would fix it!)

Burning fossil fuels drives offs CO2 into the atmosphere. On a global scale, humans are pumping out massive amounts of heat trapping CO2 which warms the entire atmospheric system, changing it, shifting it off the balance we expect and the temperatures we plan for.

We need an equally massive response to correct the atmospheric system imbalance. The has been introduced in the U.S. Congress and recently in the Senate. This policy puts a fee on the CO2 emitting potential of fossil fuels. Pricing CO2 allows everyone to “see” the main cause of planetary warming and move away from it.

Representative Balderson, Senators Portman and Brown, support policies like this because the consequences of our actions are in our face.

Lindsey Kohlenburg

Mount Gilead