Trump will be great

Let me preface my remarks by saying President Trump was not my first choice to be president, and he certainly is not the cookie cutter President of years past.

He is indeed an unconventional President, however; that being said I believe Barack Obama was a far worse President than Trump could ever be.

He did more to agitate racism and far less for America’s economy than President Trump has. But for anyone to have pointed that out or obstructed him as they are doing with President Trump, they would have been called racists, much as President Trump’s supporters are now.

Everyone was extolling the virtues of Mr. Obama, by claiming he became President despite his race. I maintain that the only reason he became President was because of his race.

I, and most of the folks who voted for President Trump, will believe that even with all of the misdirections and roadblocks the left is attempting to throw in front of him, he will be one of the greatest presidents of our time; and if given the chance he will Make America Great Again.

God bless President Trump and God bless America.

Darl Mills

Mount Gilead