Vote for District 12 representation

Your article posted on June 21st, titled “Volunteers Removed 5.69 Tons of Litter from Roads,” caught my eye. It is amazing to me that so many Morrow County residents (605) came forth to help with the effort including 26 groups of 4-H club members.

What an impressive show of community ownership and the power of teamwork to literally accomplish tons.

Morrow County residents have another opportunity to “own” their community and be responsible for its future. Aug. 7 is the date for a “special election” that will determine who represents us in the U.S. House.

The District 12 Congressional seat covers all of Morrow County and has been vacant since the end of January. We have had no representation since then. The winner in August will fill the seat until the term ends next January.

Who will represent us? Do your research and look for the candidate who has a history of serving his community as a volunteer and is willing to work with the other side to do what is needed on the ground. If you are like me, I can’t bend my knees anymore and pick up trash, but one thing I can do for my community is vote.

Go to the polls on Aug. 7, or return your absentee ballot. This is our civic duty and will help “clean up” our politics.

Peggy Sutherland

North Bloomfield Township