Hot weather deadly for dogs

Hot weather, inside or out, in the house or car — can be deadly for dogs and other animals. All dogs, whether Mexican chihuahuas or Eskimo malamutes, are heat intolerant.

Every year dogs die from the heat in Brownsville, Texas, to Bangor Maine. Well, maybe not in Bangor.

I’m certain your dog’s veterinarian can relate to horror stories of the heat-induced death of dogs they see every year. And this is a terrible way to die.

All dogs developed from northern European or northeran Asian wolves. Yes, even chihuahuas. Dogs can’t tolerate excessive heat and humidity, especially when confined in a car on a chain or in a hot room.

When I was in veterinary practice I was called to see a young husky that had been confined under a shade tree. The owners had tried to do everything right; shade, water and air. In their absence, the sun and shade had moved, the breeze had stopped and he water dish knocked over. Their dog was dead.

Heat stroke is difficult to treat, often expensive and usually unsuccessful. So, during these hot summer months confine your dor or dogs (as well as all animals) in shady areas where the air can move and there is plenty of water to drink.

Do not leave dogs or children confined in cars. That will kill them.

And don’t forget your dog’s heartworm preventive.

Bill Taylor