Mount Gilead Fire Department to conditionally extend fire protection to Edison through 2017

By Zach Jones -

Mount Gilead Fire Department will continue provide coverage into Edison through the end of 2017.

That is, as long as the village gets into compliance with the department’s stipulations that fall, by raising an additional 1 mill through a fire levy in that November’s election.

Currently, Edison is offered fire protection through a previously passed 1.5 mill levy instead of the 2.5 mill operational levy required of other municipalities in Morrow County.

The issue was brought before members of Edison Council at a meeting with Mount Gilead Fire Chief Greg Young in March. Since that time the two sides have been working on a solution to the lack of funding.

“There is no spring levy of 2017,” Mount Gilead Council member and safety committee chair Kay Hines said at the May 16 council meeting. “They would not be able to afford (to take the issue to) a special election. So, they won’t be able to vote on this (proposed 2.5 mill) levy until 2017.”

The newly drafted and unanimously approved measure will extend Edison’s current contract with Mount Gilead Fire, which is set to expire Dec. 31, through the following year.

At which point, Edison will be required to pass a 2.5 mill levy for immediate collection.

If that levy were to pass, it would extend until the end 2022.

“It seemed like this was one of the best ways to handle this,” Mount Gilead Mayor Mike Porter explained. “If they come around and don’t (pass) this for themselves in 2017 that is a different story.”

The additional mill raised from the proposed levy would cost a previously estimated $35 per year per $100,000 household.

“It’s (the cost) so minor that they need to have the people understand it is worth it to them,” Young said. “If they do their homework and talk with their insurance companies they will see that.”

Should the proposed levy not pass, Mount Gilead Fire Department would extend minimal coverage to Edison under a state mutual aid agreement.

By Zach Jones

Reach Jones at 419-946-3010

Reach Jones at 419-946-3010