Edison Council aims to bring village into fire compliance

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Edison Council members spent most of their March meeting discussing getting into compliance with the Mount Gilead Fire Department’s requirements for fire protection.

Mount Gilead Fire has provided fire protection for Edison since the Edison Fire Department closed several years ago. Currently, Edison residents are paying one mill less than other Gilead Township residents for fire protection.

Edison Council member, Patti Feustal said that she recently attended a Safety meeting with Edison Councilman Floyd Wogan, Edison Mayor Sandy Ackerman, Mount Gilead Mayor Mike Porter, Mount Gilead Council Member Kay Hines and Mount Gilead Fire Chief Greg Young.

At that meeting, Young pointed out that Edison was the only entity in the county served by the Mount Gilead Fire Department that had a 1.5 mill levy for fire. The rest of Gilead Township, Mount Gilead Village and the other townships carry an additional 1 mill. Young requested that Edison come into compliance and have a levy to raise an additional mill.

Another option for the village would be to simply have their fire coverage fall under the auspices of Gilead Township, which is already paying 2.5 mills.

The additional mill would amount to only about $35 per $100,000 household strictly for fire protection.

Feustal will work with Ackerman to schedule a meeting with Edison residents to discuss the issue. Council has the option of putting a levy on the ballot asking village residents for an additional 1 mill for fire protection, or having fire under Gilead Township rather than the village to avoid a levy.

Council member April Anthony also asked about having a tornado siren installed for the village. At this time many residents are not getting calls for tornado warnings and she would like to know if it is possible to get this through the Fire Dept. or the Emergency Management office.

In other business, Street Commissioner, Jerry Reeder requested $1,400 for Bosh Heating to install a new furnace in the street building where the trucks are kept and workers have a restroom. The old furnace was repaired temporarily, but is unsafe for long term use. Council approved the request that includes both the furnace and installation.

The next meeting of the Edison Village Council will be April 11 in the Village Municipal Building at 7 p.m.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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