Thomas Lucente: Trump is the problem, not the answer

By Thomas Lucente - [email protected]

As someone who usually votes for the Libertarian Party candidate, the idea that Donald Trump could actually win the Republican Party nomination should make me giddy. After all, a race between Trump and either of the extreme leftists running for the Democratic Party nomination will only ensure that minor-party candidates will get a larger share of votes this year.

Still, my love of America and commitment to human liberty makes me shiver at the thought of that vacuous gimcrack living in the people’s house.

The fact is, Trump is nothing but another shiny new object for the masses of ill-informed and uninformed voters to glom onto, just as they have for the last two presidential elections.

I understand the fascination. Trump is entertaining. He is enjoyable to listen to. And he knows how to sell himself. He is a populist who is playing to the disaffected voters in much the same way President Barack Obama played to the disaffected voters in 2008. He is telling them exactly what they want to hear and promising to be the opposite of what we have had for the last eight years. Facts and truth be damned.

In other words, he is a shyster. And a politician. And a pathological liar.

The things he is not include Republican, conservative, good businessman, and fit for office.

One could probably write a book on all the reasons one should not vote for Trump.

Let’s look at just a few of them.

First, he praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for consolidating power by murdering his ­rival relatives.

“This guy, he’s like a maniac, OK? And you’ve got to give him credit,” Trump said at a rally in Iowa. “He goes in, he takes over, he’s the boss. It’s incredible. He wiped out the uncle, he wiped out this one, that one.”

Do you really want a president who praised a murdering dictator?

And his lying is phenomenal.

According to PolitiFact, at the end of 2015, they had fact-checked 77 Trump statements and found 76 percent of them false. Indeed, Trump has made a life out of lying.

Trump has lied about his net worth being more than $10 billion when most experts find it is probably more like $3 billion, if that. He has even admitted that he has exaggerated his wealth as a means of getting financing.

He lied about knowing who David Duke is. He actually tweeted about Duke many years ago.

Space prevents a full retelling of all his lies.

Many of those who support Trump do so because of his position on immigration. Well, we don’t really know his position on immigration, or anything else for that matter. However, he claims to want crack down on immigration.

Another lie.

At his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, nearly 300 Americans have applied for jobs since 2010. Of those only 17 have been hired. During that same period, he has request more than 500 visas for foreign workers at the club.

Another problem with Trump is that he doesn’t really appear to stand for anything and he has no policy specifics.

What little he has put forth would add $12 trillion to $15 trillion to the debt. His claims he can cut enough from the budget to prevent that also ring hollow and are filled with factual errors. For example, Trump claims $300 billion a year in savings from a prescription drug program that costs only a third of that.

Ask any Trump supporter why they support Trump and you usually get some nonsensical answer such as “he tells it like it is” or “he can’t be bought.”

But ignoring facts or outright lying is NOT telling it like it is. Indeed, it is the opposite of telling it like it is.

And the claim he is self-financing his campaign is an outright lie. He has raised millions in campaign contributions and he actively solicits donations on his website. He has spent little because he relies on insults to get him free publicity.

Nor is he an outsider. He himself has admitted to giving millions of dollars to politicians so he can call them later to get favors in return. He has essentially admitted to bribing politicians.

Trump is not the answer to the problem. In many ways, he and his ilk are the problem. Don’t be fooled by this empty shirt. He is just another big government politician who will say anything to get elected.

By Thomas Lucente

[email protected]

Thomas J. Lucente Jr. is an Ohio attorney and night editor of The Lima News. Reach him by telephone at 567-242-0398, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @ThomasLucente.

Thomas J. Lucente Jr. is an Ohio attorney and night editor of The Lima News. Reach him by telephone at 567-242-0398, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter @ThomasLucente.