Q & A with Mount Gilead Mayor Mike Porter- candidate for Morrow County Commissioner

What are the major issues facing your county, and what would you do about them if elected?

I feel the top three issues in Morrow County are: drugs and crime, roads, and finances. Drug use leads to crime, which increases the cost to law enforcement and the court system. Some good strides have been made in the recent past with the Awakening at the fairgrounds and the formation of DAAP; a church, civic and county services group which works together on drug issues. We as Morrow County residents need to support these and other programs to help stop the drug problems.

If we can get the voters to approve the road levy in March, we will see great improvements to our county roads over the next five years. No one likes to pay more taxes, but this is a tax which could save you money over time. If you drive on the rough county roads you are causing more than normal wear and tear on your car. You are also helping to pay for repairs to law enforcement, fire, EMS and other county vehicles that travel these roads. Better roads will help to speed response time for emergency services when you need them. It will also create more comfortable and safe driving for you.

To help with finances we need to continue to attract new residents and businesses of different sizes and types which will complement what we currently have in Morrow County. By growing we will create a larger tax base to pay for future needs.

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the position you are seeking?

I feel I am best qualified to lead Morrow County for the next 4 years because I will have had 9 years as Mayor of Mt. Gilead with a multi- million dollar budget, am a former business owner, and am a great listener. I will look at all sides of each issue before making decisions. I was born and raised in Mt. Gilead and have lived here 60 years. Over the years I have had many experiences working on projects to benefit the citizens of Morrow County, including church mission projects, Habitat for Humanity, the Masonic Lodge and senior citizens in a nine county area.

What else would you like to say to voters in your county?

My wife, Kim and I have raised our children in Mt. Gilead and we are proud of Morrow County. I am unopposed in March, but I will need your help in November to become your next commissioner. I will work with the other Commissioners to promote harmony among the offices and agencies in the county to provide a better future.