Q & A with Kim Bood, candidate for Morrow County Clerk of Courts

Staff report

What are the major issues facing your county, and what would you do about them if elected?

The most asked question I have been asked regarding the Clerk of Courts’ office is the availability of information electronically (i.e. website). As for now, information is available via a terminal in the Clerk’s office at the courthouse. Anyone can come in and access information that is available to the public. As for making this information available via a website, it will be up to the current judges, the clerk’s office, and the availability of funds. It is important to note that not all information held by public authorities can be given public access. Consideration needs to be given regarding personal data, fairness, confidentiality, and legal professional privilege. Much care needs to be taken to be sure only information that is public knowledge is released for public viewing. If elected as Clerk of Courts, I will be active with the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association and work with other county clerks in the best practice if we decide to move forward with electronic filings.

Another topic is accepting electronic payments. With many electronic fund services, there are processing fees associated with accepting credit cards or other electronic forms of payment. It is important to consider new payment options with advanced technology but it is also important to keep costs down for the county.

The Clerk of Court’s other primary responsibility is the issuance of titles for automobiles, boats, trailers, etc. at the county Title Department. It is important to continue to increase the revenue for this department. Additional revenue generating ideas include more convenient hours for the public. We don’t want to lose title work income to other counties because they have better hours to serve the public. Another thought is to consider becoming water craft certified and adding a water craft registration service to the Title department.

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the position you are seeking?

The Clerk of Courts is the legal custodian for all court records for the Common Pleas Court. Efficient and timely administration of court records in every action or proceeding permits timely review of the files by the hearing officers. I am a professional and cooperative individual. I am organized and accurate. All of these qualities are necessary within the Clerk of Courts office. Working closely with the judges, other Morrow County elected officials, other surrounding county personnel, and the public as well as organizing and properly maintaining court records is of utmost importance to me for this office.

I am involved within the community. I am an elected member to the Morrow County Republican Central Committee, I am a member of the Morrow County Republican Women’s Committee, and a member of the Morrow County Professional Business Women’s club. I am not just a name on the roster. I am an active member serving as Treasurer or on another committee within each of these organization. My involvement in all of these has been beneficial in getting to better know the people of Morrow County.

I recently served as Chairperson for the Fall 2015 term on the Grand Jury. I heard cases that were of criminal manner (felony), swore in witnesses, and discussed with the other jury members (confidentially) the evidence presented and the possible indictments. I worked with the prosecuting attorney’s office in reviewing and processing indictment documents. I enjoyed my time on the Grand Jury as it has given me additional experience with the court system.

As Finance Director and Board Treasurer of Candlewood Lake for the past 10 years, I have worked to improve the professionalism and customer service within the Association Office. I have chaired or served on nearly every committee within Candlewood. I’m responsible for developing and maintaining a budget of over $1.5 million. I’ve reduced outstanding accounts by over $246,000 since 2006. I have maintained the legal documents of Candlewood’s policies and procedures made by the Candlewood Board and the Candlewood members. And I have implemented the acceptance of credit cards and electronic payments for the members to better serve the members and still controlling operating costs.

What else would you like to say to voters in your county?

Candlewood Lake is its own municipality within the gates. I am ready to take my work experience and knowledge to the county level. I work hard and am a team player and am passionate about getting elected as your Morrow County Clerk of Courts. I will be in the office full time and will continue to serve the county for many years within the position. I will work cooperatively WITH the courts. I will attend elected officials meetings within the county and with other Ohio Clerk of Courts to always improve the service of the Clerk’s office. I will work hard for the citizens of Morrow County!

If anyone has any questions, I can be reached at [email protected] I am asking for your support and vote on March 15th at the Primary election. Thank you.


Staff report