Cardington Council approves structure, water tower painting project

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Cardington Village Council finalized their organizational structure on Jan. 19 following discussion among members.

Council member John Nippert commented “People do not realize we meet more than twice a month 12 months a year,” referencing the many committee meetings and work sessions scheduled each year.

Special attention was directed to the Rules of Attendance and Relinquishing Office sections of the resolution.

Rule 27 of this legislation, which was approved, states that “All council members are expected to attend all committee and council meetings, starting with the second missed council meeting in a calendar year and for each missed council meeting thereafter in the same calendar year, a council member’s pay will be docked 1/24th for each missed council meeting in that calendar year.”

Council also approved a measure will allow the village to accept the bid of Central Painting and Sandblasting, Inc. for the elevated water tower maintenance and painting project.

Additionally members approved an ordinance to accept the bid of Lehn Painting, Inc. for the ground storage tanks maintenance and painting project.

Also accepted was a quote from Marion Conveyor Service in the amount of $49,650 for 14- inch Screw Conveyor Drive System. This system will be attached by an electrician to the conveyor system at the wastewater treatment plant to move sludge to the delivery vehicle.

Fire Chief Gary Goodman reported the department made 197 runs in 2015. He said members of the department had worked the refreshment stand at a recent high school basketball game.

Members approved payment of bills totaling $132,112.97. Included in these payments was one to for the Fire Department Equipment Loan in the amount of $23,450.13. Fiscal Officer Deb Fry said there is one more year on this loan and it will be paid.

Mayor Susie Peyton said there have been three applicants for the vacant council seat. She also thanked Councilman Bill Christian for his service to the community since 1974. Christian retired from his council seat effective Feb. 1.

His first activity in the village was in 1974 when he joined the fire department. Later, he served as a member of council, was with the police department, served as mayor and was elected to council again two years ago. A reception was held for him following this meeting. Councilwoman Heather Deskins was excused from this meeting.

Council will meet next on February 1, 2016

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

Long is a correspondent for The Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]

Long is a correspondent for The Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]