Nippon Rika, Inc., to open U.S. Facility in Morrow County

Columbus, OH – Nippon Rika, Inc., a distributor of mica insulation materials for motors and generators, announced on Ec. 15, 2015 plans to open its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Morrow County. The total investment of $1.93 million will include construction of a new 16,250-square-foot facility, land costs, training, and new materials and equipment.

Nippon Rika’s new facility will be located in Bennington Industrial Park in Bennington Township. The company will add 20 new jobs, including factory, management and supervisory positions. Hiring will begin when building construction is complete, which is currently planned for the second quarter of 2016.

“The Columbus Region’s strong network of Japanese companies, combined with the area’s growing automotive sector, make it a great fit for Nippon Rika,” said David Jones, vice president and operations director, Nippon Rika, Inc.

The announcement is the latest of 48 Japanese-company expansions or new locations in the Columbus Region since 2010. More than 120 Japanese companies operate in the Columbus Region, and Japan is the area’s largest source of foreign direct investment.

“We’re excited that international companies like Nippon Rika recognize the growth potential Morrow County offers,” said Dick Miller, Morrow County commissioner.

Nippon Rika Group is the enterprise that creates new values by the technology of insulating materials. By answering variety of customer needs, which can be supplying materials, developing products and offering solutions, Nippon Rika offers and contributes to the global market with its creative technology.