Edison Council questions Mount Gilead levy request

By Alberta Stojkovic - for the Morrow County Sentinel

Edison Council spent much of their December meeting discussing the request from the Mount Gilead Clerk-Treasurer for a 1 mil increase in tax for fire protection, beginning in 2017.

It was the general consensus of the Edison Council members and mayor that the request seems excessive at first look due to the fact that Edison passed a 1.5 mil replacement levy for fire protection in 2012. It will soon be up for renewal since it was a 5 year levy.

Council members discussed that they appreciate voters passing recent renewal levies. They hesitate to push a new increase in tax.

Council Member, Floyd Wogan asked how many fires the Mount Gilead fire department has had to respond to. No one could think of village fires in the past two or three years, but Street Commissioner, Jerry Reeder said that they do at times respond when there are car accidents on St. Rt. 95.

Village Attorney, Denise Martin suggested they ask in what way the village of Edison might be contributing to the need for increased services and revenue.

Council member Patti Feustal suggested that Mount Gilead provide more information before the Edison Council makes any decision.

“We have no facts and no information on why there is a request for additional revenue. They letter only states they are increasing day staffing to seven days a week starting in January. We need to know the reason for their request,” said Feustal.

Council passed Ordinance 2015-08 authorizing the mayor to sign and execute the fire protection agreement with the village of Mount Gilead for the 1.5 mil levy presently in effect for the village. There was general agreement that the village needs more information before they would consider going to voters for an increase.

In other business Reeder reported that there has been no need for salt or grit this year. Last year 25 tons of salt and grit were used. He said, ”last year was the closest I have ever come to using all my budget for snow removal.”

Council also approved that Fiscal Officer, Bruce Seaburn send a Certificate of Lien to the County Auditor for 219 Union Street, Theodore and Letitia Sipe property in the cost of $11,510.00. Seaburn said the Lien would cover the cost of labor and clean up of the property. Three dumpsters of trash, junk and refuse were hauled away from the property.

Seaburn said the cost of the cleanup and hauling away trash was taken from the Street Dept. fund and money recouped will go back into that fund.

Mayor Ackerman reported that Roger Meyer will serve as Zoning Inspector for Edison as well as BPA representative. This is to fill the vacancy following the untimely death of Dan Ackerman who was in those positions.

Council approved payment of bills for November in the amount of $5, 0138.45 and for December of $15,571.77. The large December bill was due to $9,210 paid to the state treasurer.

The next meeting of the Edison Village Council will be Mon. Jan. 11, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Alberta Stojkovic is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at alberta_s16@hotmail.com.


By Alberta Stojkovic

for the Morrow County Sentinel