Wayside Garden Club holds November meeting

There were 10 members present for the Wayside Garden Club’s November meeting.

The evening began with our program “Herbs and Oils, Their Uses and Tips” presented by Peggy Bosh, owner of Pleasant View Nursery and Katie Taylor. Peggy explained that herbs come from leaves and green part of the plant and spices from seeds, bark, root, stem or bulb. It is best to grow your own because you lose 90% of the nutritional value when dried. She also noted that spices have a 6-12 months life after which they are only good for flavor. Peggy provided handouts that told how to grow, harvest and preserve herbs and their various uses. Katie then gave information on the uses of essential oils, passing around samples so we could test the scents.

After the program the meeting began with roll call which was answered by “what is your favorite herb and what do you use it for?” This was followed by the reading of the minutes and treasurer’s report.

Marcia Lawyer reported that Wayside received a Superior Rating Certificate for our 2014-2015 Program Booklet.

Mary Fuller for the Fair Flower Show Committee noted that the 2016 Flower Show Scheduled was hand delivered to the Fair Board Secretary’s office.

Charlotte Benedict announced that the planning meeting for the April 2016 Regional Meeting will be held on December 5 at 9:00 am in the Mt. Gilead Library Annex basement.

Reminder: next month’s meeting will be our annual Christmas Party which will be held at the Cornerstone Café on Saturday, December 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Do not forget to bring 2 dozen cookies or candy and the recipe to exchange.

After we adjourned the meeting refreshments provided by Mary Fuller and Doris McManis were enjoyed by all.