Howland seeks re-election as Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney

Charles Howland will seek re-election to a fourth term as the Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney. Howland, who filed his petition September 22, 2015, will appear on the Republican ballot in the March primary election.

Howland brings to the table more than two decades of felony experience. He has won jury verdicts for offenses including kidnapping, abduction, felonious assault, rape, attempted rape, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, breaking and entering, felony theft, felony vandalism, and felony drug trafficking.

During Howland’s term in office the county unfortunately experienced six murders, all prosecuted successfully. The perpetrators of these terrible crimes are all now in prison and serving thirty years to life. One of them is serving forty years to life. Throughout these ordeals, the Prosecutor’s Office worked closely with the victims’ families. The mission was always to be as sensitive as possible to the family’s needs and to work with them through the criminal process.

“Had anyone told me in 2003 that our county would experience a period of this much violence in such a short time I would not have believed it,” said Howland. “The only positive aspect of this is that we now have the experience and expertise to deal with murder cases and all other criminal cases.”

Throughout his twelve years on the job, Prosecutor Howland has represented all sixteen township boards, the Morrow County Health Department, the Morrow County Board of Elections, the Morrow County Commissioners, and the other elected county officials.

“My staff and I have worked very hard at having a balanced approach to all the prosecutor’s duties. We have been effective in criminal prosecutions without neglecting our civil duties. No one is having to wait months on end for a legal opinion from the Prosecutor. In most instances, we have been able to provide opinions and contract reviews in less than thirty days. We have the experience and the talent to address Morrow County’s criminal and civil matters.”

Howland previously maintained a private practice in Morrow County for eighteen years, and also served as Village Solicitor for Mount Gilead and Chesterville. He is the current president of the Morrow County Bar Association, having been re-elected to that office for 2016.

Attorney Howland is enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue serving the people of Morrow County as their Prosecutor.

Material submitted by the Howland Law Office, Mt. Gilead.