REVIEW: New book tells how to make your life more impactful

Staff report

Every life matters, but Val Hale’s new book, “Living a Life That Matters: 7 Keys for Purposeful Living,” shows readers how to make their lives more impactful, fulfilling and joyful by utilizing seven simple, yet time-proven, principles.

Hale, executive director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development and former athletic director at Brigham Young University and vice president at Utah Valley University, reaches into his extensive reservoir of experience to share personal stories from his life to teach important lessons and ideas.

“This book was a lifetime in the writing,” Hale says. “I have had the opportunity to work with many people throughout my career. I have seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. The seven keys are those things I have observed in people whose lives have been most impactful and fulfilling and joy. After prodding by a few friends, I finally decided to share the keys in this book.”

The seven keys highlighted by Hale include the following: 1) Be a doer, not a spectator; 2) Cultivate meaningful relationships; 3) Make a difference in others’ lives; 4) Get active and stay active; 5) Love your work; 6) Be a lifelong learner; and 7) Seek spiritual balance. Hale utilizes many personal stories to illustrate how the keys have impacted his life and others’.

Popular Forbes author Cheryl D. Snapp Conner says of the book, “Val Hale’s new book, “Living a Life That Matters: 7 Keys for Purposeful Living”, is a must-read. Each principle is profound and impactful, and I look forward to applying these principles to business as well. Having known Val Hale for many years as an iconic leader in locations ranging from universities to regional chambers to the helm of GOED Utah, I can attest that he is a living embodiment of the outcomes that these seven keys represent. I will return to this book many times.”

Staff report