Village finances good, says Cardington F.O.

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

Meeting on November 2, 2015, Cardington Village Council members heard Fiscal Officer Deb Fry give a positive report on the village’s current finances. Referring to the summary of revenue report for October, she said the village had taken in more revenue than in 2014 and part of that was the income tax revenue and more interest was made from the savings. Adding to the accounts was payment from RITA, she said.

She noted the state auditors would be returning soon to resume the village audit.

Council approved payment of bills totaling $43, 258.46 and included final payment to Mid-Ohio Paving for the 2015 Paving project.

Council gave a third reading and approved an ordinance approving the edition and inclusion of certain ordinances as parts of the various component codes of the codified ordinances of the village.

Given a second reading was an ordinance related to the income tax ordinance effective January 1, 2016. First readings were given an ordinance adopting a budget in tentative form for 2016 (resources) and an ordinance adopting an appropriations budget in tentative form for 2016.

Police Chief John Hinton said the department has taken 867 calls for service thus far this year compared to 955 taken at the same time in 2014. He said they had completed the annual firearms qualifications and participated in the village Halloween events. He noted that Officer Rotermund had given an escort to the Cross Country Team traveling to District Competition.

Fire Chief Gary Goodman reported the department had been on 161 runs thus far this year. They had worked with the Red Cross and installed 35 smoke detectors in homes in the village. Department members had worked at the pop shack during a Cardington-Lincoln football game and participated in Halloween events. They also participated in the escorting of the Cross Country team from the local high school.

Village Administrator Danny Wood said he had conferred with an engineer with Ohio Edison regarding the request for additional light in the parking lot at Heimlich Park on North Marion Street. He responded that there wouid be no charge for the installation but an additional $18 per month for the electric usage would be assessed. Council agreed to have the light installed.

Council also gave their approval to advertise for the sale of the F450 Truck.

Wood said the bid for the tower/tank painting project came in at $201,000. Because this was an over estimated cost, council rejected the bid. Council agreed to the engineers’ suggestion and approved the splitting of the project as two projects (water tower and detention tanks) and rebid.

Wood also reported that tasks undertaken the previous two weeks included patching pot holes, chipping brush, picking up leaves, sweeping the streets, crack sealing the streets and trimming trees. He said the the water line had been installed on Center Street and Lincoln and they have passed the total coliform bacteria and pressure tests and they are hooking taps up to the new line.

Wood said water softener valves had been rebuilt and the flower boxes have been removed for the winter. Bill Stufflebean had attended BWC class.

Fry said the village LMI survey is underway.

Council was to meet next on November 16, 2015.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel