First Graders explore books, writing, & technology

Mrs. Gregory’s first grade class at Park Avenue Elementary is pleased to announce the “publication” of their first book, Rosie, the Mama Hen Went for a Walk.

The class’ premier publication is based on author, Pat Hutchins’, Rosie’s Walk (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1968) and was jointly planned and taught by Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Logan. After enjoying Hutchins’ story, the students looked at how the author uses words and pictures to tell about Rosie’s adventures and narrow misses. The first graders then worked together to brainstorm farm words and relationship words (prepositions) to describe their versions of Rosie’s adventures. The young authors then began planning their parts of the story. Each member of Mrs. Gregory’s class composed and illustrated two pages in the class book. As a class, the students explored the parts of books.

After looking at a book cover, dedication page, title page and copyright page, Mrs. Gregory’s students collaborated on decisions about the theme, title, and other parts of their book. Once the young author-illustrators finished work on their respective pages, each student worked with District Librarian and Park Technology Coach, Mrs. Logan, to record their part of the story using an app called, Explain Everything. In addition to having a book of our new story, the class has an iMovie with the students reading their parts of the book.

The class celebrated the completion of our book and it’s movie with an author party. The new authors watched their movie and wore hand-decorated Fox and Rosie masks. Mrs. Gregory served Rosie and Fox cookies with punch. The class was honored to have special guest, Mr. Swain celebrate with them. After the students saw their new book and the book movie, Mrs. Gregory’s students were excited to autograph a page for the book. Exclamations like, “Am I a celebrity now?” and “This was the best day ever” were heard as the students autographed their book and ate their cookies. Mrs. Logan is working with Park teachers on the integration of technology to help Mount Gilead students to be better able to use the technology in future projects and learning.