Five-year forecast examined by CL board

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

Cardington-Lincoln School District Treasurer Jon Mason explained the five year forecast when the Board of Education met on October 12, 2015.

The forecast was in a draft format given in accordance with ORC 5705.391, he said. Mason had received the new formula from the state and, “we anticipated it would be a bit higher, which it was,” he said. “We looked forward to that being somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 more than received last year, and it was. Income from open enrollment- kids coming from other districts – I admitted all of that open enrollment in and out because we have quite a few kids leaving so the expenses went down, but our revenue is lower – I netted that total out for the state foundation.”

He explained the local income tax is coming into full bloom and they have an increase in that, but also have an increase in expenses. Salaries are a bit higher because of last year’s negotiations; an increase to the health insurance is higher but they are working to address some of those changes. He also noted repairs to the building and the struggle with maintenance issues.

“As we look to the increase in money and increase in spending, it’s a break even year projected,” Mason said. “To improve some of those expenditure numbers, we think we’re fairly solid on the income. The bottom line is we don’t have a lot of cash carryover from last year. It’s critical in the watch of spending. This is a draft format and I will have a final version next month.”

He noted it’s due at the end of the month and said each May and October this forecast is submitted to the board. The board approved the forecast. Also approved was payment of September bills totaling $1,145,102.

Supt. Brian Petrie announced the following awards, recognitions and donations: $15,000 from Cardington Yutaka Technologies to the Athletic Department. It will be given over a three year period to update the equipment and facilities.

An anonymous donation of $170 was given in memory of Lucille Corbin to the Elementary Library Board Member Jim Clinger noted that Mrs. Corbin was the mother of Terri Linstedt, who served as a cook with the school district.

Also donated was approximately $371 in value of art supplies given by former art teacher Kristi Alexander.

A donation of $2,000 was received from the Cardington Youth Basketball to fund a new scoreboard for the Patterson Gym at the elementary school. Supt Petrie noted this floor, built in 1952, is the best floor in the district.

Supt Petrie also reviewed the charter school reform law and its impact on the Cardington Schools, offering comments on 14 p0ints of the law.

Board approval was given the submitted MOESC Substitute teacher list and the severance pay for classified employee Kirby Francis in the amount of $278.77.

Approval was given classified employee, Collette Jones, as an aide Board president Chuck Jones abstained from this vote.

Also approved on a vote of 4-1 was the naming of Scott Hardwick, as a varsity assistant girls basketball coach.

Voting “no” was board member Vicki Kerman, who while complimenting Hardwick for carrying out his job as administrator, said as a board member she felt her concern that with the district’s focus on student performance and success, to have an administrator critical to the development and learning of the district’s students take on this added responsibility does not make sense.”

She explained that her daughter has been involved with the varsity basketball program for the past two years and this year, too, she knows how much time and energy demanding this five month commitment becomes.

“Mr. Hardwick,” she said, “or any administrator should not be distracted by a focus on any activity which is not directly tied to their primary responsibility namely, the success of the students district wise. My job as a board member is to look after the best interest of all students She said, “Mr. Hardwick would be a great addition to the girls basketball program but I can’t approve him taking on this additional responsibility.”

She commented that this was in no way a reflection of her opinion of Hardwick as an administrator. “He’s fabulous as an administrator and helps the students – however, I realize how much time the program takes from November to March – it’s excessive.”

Jim Clinger countered saying, “As a board member I don’t feel I should control the personal time of any employee that does their job – the rest of the day is their time. Secondly, if I agreed with your comments, I wouldn’t be a board member because I have a full time day job and this is an added responsibility for me and, under your guidelines, I wouldn’t be able to accept – and three we wouldn’t have a basketball program because the primary responsibility of our students is to get a good education to prepare themselves for the rest of their lives and to allow them to be distracted by basketball and working – to allow 16 and 17 year olds to juggle their time to make that work, then we can allow Mr. Hardwick to juggle his time to make that work, also.”

Under the Consent agenda, the board approved the employment of classified substitute Kayla Uzunoff, as a sub aide and Cynthia Landon as an aide.

Pupil activity employment contracts were approved for Mark Spires, seventh grade boys basketball; Lyle Reppart, freshman basketball .50 FTE and Rylie Thomas, freshman basketball, .50 FTE; Jeff Maibach, 8th grade boys basketball; JP Linkous, varsity assistant boys basketball; Tim Maceyko, JH girls basketball; Shane Chapman, JV boys basketball and Stephanie Rose, JH girls basketball.

A supplemental contract was approved for Kirsten Ebert, JV girls basketball. All supplemental and pupil activity contracts expire June 30, 2016.

In-lieu payments for transportation to and from school were approved.

Reports were given by Joe Mills, junior high and high school administrator; Christy Roqueplot, Elementary/intermediate; Scott Hardwick, student services; and Jennifer Zierden.

Supt Petrie presented his “Super” News and Notes in which he complimented Jacob Long for breaking the school record for boys Cross Country at the Crestline Invitational with a time of 15:39; Luke McCarrells 14 for 14 performance against Northmor – “may be one of the single greatest passing performance in Pirate History.

His 418 yards, including a 98 yard TD to Devin Pearl,are the most in a single on record.”

He also congratulated Mr. Wolford and Mrs. Donna Kill for being awarded the Ohio Environmental Education Fund Mini grant for just under $5,000. He said this grant titled “Quality Water for Quality Life,” will provide students with a hands on approach to learning about water quality in Morrow County.” He also thanked the Cardington Fire Department for coming to the school to teach the elementary students about fire safety.

The board agreed to move the November meeting to Monday, November 16, 2015 at 7 pm.

Prior to the opening of this meeting, the board met in a 50 minute executive session based on ORC 121.22 (G) 1 to discuss employment of a public official, returning at 7:53 pm to open this meeting.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel