Tax credit will bring 10 new jobs to Atlantic Pacific Equipment’s new location in Marion

Staff report

On Monday, the Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a 1.116 percent, 5-year tax credit to Atlantic Pacific Equipment, Inc. (AT-PAC) for the creation of $660,000 in new annual payroll as a result of the company’s new location project in the City of Marion, Marion County. As part of the tax credit agreement, the Authority requires the company to maintain operations at the project location for at least eight years.

AT-PAC has set itself apart in the industrial scaffolding market by offering their clients premium products, reliable supply, comprehensive services, and competitive commercial options on a global scale.

The company is considering various markets for the proposed project. Location is a critical factor for the company’s cost model, making transportation costs between the proposed facility and customers very important.

The proposed project in the City of Marion involves adding a new facility to service the Midwest and Northeast markets.

AT-PAC expects to create 10 full-time equivalent employees generating $660,000 in new annual payroll by 12/31/2018 at the project location. In addition, the company will claim the tax credit on Ohio employee payroll generated at the project location in excess of the company’s baseline payroll at the project location.

By letter Sunday, Marion Can Do, the public/private partnership promoting economic growth in Marion County, has expressed support for the proposed project.

Staff report