Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board unveils new logo and slogan


DELAWARE – The Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board is beginning 2023 with more than just New Year’s resolutions. The Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a new logo, slogan, and branding guidelines to begin the year.

The board has been proudly serving the area for nearly 55 years. In that time, the concepts of care, recovery, illness, and support have morphed and adapted, and so too has the board’s mission and vision.

This need for simultaneous stability and flexibility has never been more evident than during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The communal stress and anxiety associated with the pandemic highlighted the need for effective, efficient, local, and accessible behavioral healthcare. The DMMHRSB never wavered, developing new programs, assisting providers with support and planning, and ensuring the safety net of services, programs, and supports was consistent and unfailing.

There is no better symbol of stability, adaptability, and flexibility than a tree. Because of this, they can think of no better representative of their organization, and they were proud to present their new logo.

The roots seek out and acquire essential nourishment for the rest of the system. This represents their support within the Delaware and Morrow County communities. Taxpayers, organizations, government officials, and community partners all make the work they do possible.

The trunk stands tall and strong, visible and recognizable to its surroundings, providing a sturdy yet pliable base for the entire body. This represents their network of providers, who work tirelessly and selflessly to ensure every resident has access to crucial behavioral health services and supports.

The leaves show the product of a healthy and functional organism, taking different forms throughout the seasons and reflecting the natural changes occurring within. These represent the success of our system. These represent the individuals, families, neighbors, friends, careers, classrooms, and communities helped by our network.

Along with the new logo, they have adopted a new slogan to summarize and represent the board’s operations and mission towards mental health, recovery, and wellness: “Health. Healing. Hope.”

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