Staff Report

Call highlights 12/26/22

Lockout, Rd. 24, Lincoln

Larceny, US Rt. 42, Perry

Vandalism, St. Rt. 229, Peru

Bad checks and forgery, Rd. 190, Chester

Assist other unit, Rd. 40, Congress

Larceny, Rd. 235, Perry

Assist other unit, Rd. 24, Perry

Alarm drop, St. Rt. 288, Washington

Lockout, St. Rt. 19, Congress

Call highlights 12/27/2022

Run Away Or Unruly, RD 181, Chester

Lockout, ST RT 229, South Bloomfield

Alarm Drop, ST RT 309, Washington

Assist Other Unit, ST RT 95, Franklin

Suspicious Vehicle, ST RT 95/RD 28, Canaan

Assist Other Unit, 1-71, Bennington

Alarm Drop, Sportsman’s Dr, Bennington

911 Hang Up, RD 99, Gilead

Noise Complaint, RD 99, Gilead

Animal Call, US RT 42/ST RT 61, Gilead

Well Being Check, RD 58, Congress

Animal Call, ST RT 61, Lincoln

Call highlights 12/28/22

Suspicious Vehicle, St. Rt. 229, Bennington

Suspicious Vehicle, Rd. 20, Harmony

Suspicious Vehicle, Cardinal Dr, Bennington

Well Being Check, Rd. 206, Bennington

Lockout, St. Rt. 19, N. Bloomfield

Alarm Drop, Rd. 30, Washington

Well Being Check, Rd. 170, Bennington

Domestic, Rd 213, Bennington

Domestic, Rd. 125, Gilead

Bad Check/Forgery, Rd. 121, Harmony

911 Hang Up, Rd. 183, Chester

Lockout, S. Main, Marengo

911 Hang Up, St. Rt. 229, S. Bloomfield

Prowlers, Enterprise St, Edison

911 Hang Up, St. Rt. 299, Peru

911 Hang Up,Rd. 191, Chester

Call Highlights 12/29/22

Assist Other Unit, Rd. 35, N. Bloomfield

Disabled Vehicle, St. Rt. 288,

Well Being Check, Rd. 55, Troy

Suspicious Person, Rd. 235, Perry

Suspicious Person, Rd. 61, Washington

Suspicious Vehicle, Us. Rt. 42, Perry

Suspicious Vehicle, Rd. 103, Gilead

Suspicious Person, St. Rt. 95, Franklin

911 Hang Up, St. Rt. 309, Washington

Alarm Drop, Rd. 145, Gilead

Breaking And Entering, Rd. 59, Perry

Burglary, St. Rt. 61, Gilead

Call Highlights 12/30/22

Accident, St. Rt. 229, S. Bloomfield

Alarm Drop, US Rt. 42, Congress

Larceny, W. High , Edison

Domestic, Rd. 108, Franklin

Domestic, Rd. 155, Lincoln

Domestic, St. Rt. 229, Peru

Accident, St. Rt. 61, Bennington

Domestic, Rd. 132, Cardington

Assist Other Unit, Rd. 134, Cardington

Lockout, Rd. 108, Franklin

Bad Checks/Forgery, Rd. 135, Canaan

Vandalism, Rd. 168, Lincoln

Disabled Vehicle, Rd.24/St. Rt. 61, Lincoln

Public Assist, E. High, Edison

Assist Other Unit, Rd. 9, Washington

Suspicious Vehicle, Rd 25, Harmony

Call Highlights 12/31/22

Alarm Drop, St. Rt. 314, S. Bloomfield

Disabled Vehicle, Rd. 84, Congress

Animal Call, Rd 24, Peru

Alarm Drop, Rd. 50, Perry

Suspicious Person, Rd. 21, Bennington

911 Hang Up, Rd. 185, Harmony

Domestic, Rd. 55, Troy

Dog Bite, Rd. 21, Peru

Lock Out, St. Rt. 61, Bennington

Alarm Drop, St. Rt. 97, N. Bloomfield

Neighbor Trouble, Rd. 108, Franklin

Call Highlights 1/1/23

Suspicious Person, Us. Rt. 42, Congress

Assist Other Unit, St. Rt. 61, Bennington

911 Hang Up, St. Rt. 19, Congress

Alarm Drop, Cardinal Dr, Bennington

Noise Complaint, Rd. 178, Chester

Alarm Drop, St. Rt. 61, Bennington

Alarm Drop, St. Rt. 95, Franklin

Staff Report