Staff Report

August 22nd

Officer responded to a call o West High Street where a woman was hearing noises that sounded like someone was in her apartment. The officer checked the area inside and out and was unable to locate anyone.

Theft – Woman reported that someone stole her wallet and her granddaughter’s phone from her car while it was parked at South Delaware Street. Her neighbor had them on her security camera but was unable to identify them.

A caller of South Delaware Street reported that her ex-husband used her old insurance for dentist work. Officer advised the woman that she wouldn’t have to worry about being charged if she cancelled the insurance that was used and that it could be a mistake at the dentist’s office.

August 23rd

Traffic – woman cited at South Main and East Union Street for driving under suspension and plate light.

August 24th

Alarm – Officer responded to Meadow Drive for n alarm that was set off by a new employee of the cleaning company.

August 25th

A male was driving in the Kroger parking lot when someone pulled out of a spot and hit his passenger side. They exchanged insurance information.

Threats – Man reported all his guns stole and that his father, who had made threats to him, recently got out of a mental facility in Alabama. He called Alabama and they told him to make a local report.

August 26th

A Mayor’s Court clerk reported a person in the lobby that had an active bench warrant. The person was permitted to post bond with the clerk.

August 27th

Traffic – Woman cited at North Main and West Union Street for a red-light violation and driving under a non-compliance suspension.

A man tried to pass a counterfeit ten-dollar bill at the Duke station. The officer collected the bill and got a statement.

August 28th

Traffic – Man was cited at West North Street for driving under suspension and plates of another.

Traffic – Accident at South Main Street and Neal Avenue caused a woman to go to the hospital for her injuries after being struck in the rear of her car. Man was cited for A.C.D.A.

Staff Report