Staff Report

August 15th

The manager of Drug Mart reported a person leaving political and religious propaganda on and around the store. She was asked to stop, or she would be charged.

Theft – A man on South Rich Street reported seeing a person steal his lawnmower. The man denied. The officer was unable to make contact.

During an argument on South Rich Street a man threatened to shoot another man. The person was arrested for aggravated menacing.

A person reported that the homeowner changed the locks and refused to give her a copy of the key. The officer advised both parties that it was a civil issue.

A caller at South Rich Street reported that his neighbors were threatening to physically harm him. The officer tried to contact the neighbors, but no one was home.

August 16th

A caller requested a civil standby so that her granddaughter could retrieve some belongings from her mother’s home. Mother refused. The officer advised that a court order would be required to remove anything else from the residence.

Alarm – ATM alarm at the Morrow County Hospital was going off. The officer did not notice any tampering or anything out of the ordinary.

Woman on Lee Street reported that her neighbor saw 2 men and 1 woman tampering with her vehicle in the early morning hours. She showed the officer pictures of the lug nuts on the ground beside her vehicle. Nothing else was taken or damaged.

A caller of South Delaware Street reported a juvenile going onto her property and messing with her décor on her porch. Nothing was stolen, just moved. The officer recommended that she get a Ring doorbell camera and told her they would patrol the area extra.

August 17th

Alarm – Officer responded to an alarm at McDonalds. The manager was trying to get it shut off when he arrived.

A road rage incident ended at the Duke station where a man was cited for disorderly conduct.

Man arrested of a felony domestic charge on North Main Street.

August 18th

Alarm -officer responded to a false alarm at First Federal.

A man drove off the roadway on South Main Street and struck a telephone pole causing property damage.

August 20th

A caller advised that someone hacked her Facebook and email accounts. The officer advised her on how to change her passwords for both accounts and documented the call.

Officer received a call of a man yelling for help on Baker Street. The man apparently was dreaming and awoke in the street and wasn’t sure where he was. The officer took him home, asked a few questions to make sure he was coherent and checked his home to be sure he was safe and secure.

Staff Report