Staff report

August 8th

Well-being – An anonymous caller asked for officers to check on a 12-year-old whose father is a registered sex offender and recently moved back in with her on Baker Street. Officer contacted the girl who advised she was okay.

August 9th

Person on North Main Street reported being harassed on Instagram and believed the person was from Jamaica. Officer told him to block the person and call them if the person recontacts him.

Burglary – between 8/2/22 and 8/8/22 multiple unknown subjects entered Mid-Ohio Sanitation and took items without permission.

A woman reported that her parked car was struck and damaged while parked at the Duke station.

Officer responded to a 911 hang up at Subway. He was unable to locate the source or find anyone in need of help.

August 10th

Well-being – Officer was asked to check on a man on Elm Crest Drive that was having trouble breathing. The officer contacted the man and E.M.S. was called to check on him. He refused to go to the hospital.

Traffic – A Morrow County Sheriff’s deputy reported a traffic light on Main Street and Hight Street not working properly. The officer contacted the street department and directed traffic until the light was fixed.

Domestic – A woman on Grant Street reported that her daughter and her boyfriend were verbally fighting. When the officer arrived, the boyfriend had already made plans for transportation to leave.

August 11th

Complaint – caller was trying to have officers make his sister take him to his court date in Columbus. Dispatch tried to explain that they could not make her take him, but he wouldn’t accept that. An officer when to talk with the man and arranged for him to pay for a ride.

Officer responded to a 911 hang-up from the hospital parking lot. He checked the parking lot and the hospital staff. Everything seemed to be okay.

Goodwill reported two bottles of liquid veterinary medicine in with donated items. The bottles were taken to Morrow County Hospital for disposal.

A woman advised that a man threatened her and stated he was “going to get her”. The man had left by the time the officer arrived. Later the man called in to give his side. The two have a history of issues. The officer explained that he cannot do that in public and to stay away from her.

Disabled vehicle – Officer contacted the owner of the vehicle at West High Street. She advised the vehicle was leaking transmission fluid and she had someone coming to get her and the vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to South Delaware Street for people yelling outside. The caller saw a man standing outsider her window looking at her flowers. She asked her boyfriend to see what was going on. When he went outside to check, the man outside was pulling flowers out of the ground. The manager was contacted by someone. When the officer talked to the manager, she said that the flowers taken from the ground belonged to the man. He was asked to wait until morning to finish as not to scare people.

August 12th

Domestic – dispute at West Union Street resulted in woman being cited for domestic violence.

August 13th

Traffic – Person cited for driving under a non-compliance suspension at West Marion Street and South Cherry Street.

Threats – Caller stated that threats were made to him with a gun waiting for after he got off work. Officer advised the caller that there would be extra patrol day and night at his workplace.

Threats – Man stated that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend called threatening to go to his residence and cause physical harm. This has been stated in the past and nothing happened, so he didn’t want to file a report, he just wanted it documented.

Officer responded to an injury hit-skip accident at Iberia Street and West Union Street.

August 14th

Traffic – Driver was cited for driving under suspension and fictitious license plates at Iberia and West Hight Streets.

A caller advised that she had lost her prescription on Thursday, August 11 and her doctor needed a police report to get a new prescription. The officer declined the police report since it was lost and not stolen but stated that he would document it.

Staff report