Mount Gilead Police Calls

Staff Report

August 1st

Well-being – check requested at W. Center St. Officer made contact with the person in question, and she confirmed that she was depressed but assured the officer that she was not suicidal and had contacted Southeast Mental Health if she needed to speak with someone.

Found – Possible stolen property found on Douglas Street. Items are being stored at the Mt. Gilead Street Department while attempting to locate the owner.

Accident – A man’s car was struck by a loader while parked in the NAPA parking lot causing damage to the vehicle.

Assist – Wadsworth Police Department called and requested a message be delivered to North Main Street in reference to an investigation.

Burglary – Someone entered into an apartment on West Center Street and stole multiple items.

August 2nd

Officers noticed a disabled vehicle on West Marion Road. Called for 24/7 Towing.

August 3rd

Caller on East Cedar Street complained of someone walking on her porch around 1:36am. Nothing appeared to be missing. The officer did a walk around the home and extra patrols were conducted throughout the night.

Caller of Westview Drive reported to males arguing. Officer was unable to locate the men.

August 4th

Complaint was made of a vehicle parked in the church parking lot for nearly 2 weeks. The vehicle owner’s girlfriend was located, and she said it had broken down and would be towed tomorrow.

August 5th

Officer noticed a semi-truck disabled at West High Street and North Delaware Street due to bad transmission. Officer directed traffic until the semi-truck was moved from the roadway.

Caller on West Marion Road was to have received an Apple iPad on June 14th. Apple needed a police report to send him a new one.

August 6th

Alarm – at the Town Pump was set off by a faulty sensor.

Threats – Caller at North Main Street advised that she was being threatened via social media. Officer requested the messages to investigate further.

Traffic – Driver at 400 block of North Main Street was cited for driving under suspension and speed.

Traffic – Driver at the 700 block of North Main Street was cited for driving under suspension and plates.

Arrest – Man was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant while around West Marion Road and Baker Street.

August 7th

Traffic – Driver was cited for driving under a non-compliance suspension while around West High Street and North Delaware Street.

Mental – A woman stated that her son was on his way to the hospital and was having a mental break down and needed help. He was in the rear parking lot and stated that his head hurt from hitting it inside the car when someone gave him a brake check and his mental state was not good. He agreed to go into the hospital without incident.

Staff Report