Morrow County Lunch Bunch holds gathering

By Evelyn Long - For the Sentinel

MORROW COUNTY- Monica Swank was introduced by Terri Connor, activities director at the Senior Center (Morrow County Services for Older Citizens), when the Lunch Bunch met for their June luncheon and meeting.

Swank completed religion education with an internship as chaplain at a hospital during COVID. She spoke of her experienes during that time. Since the intensity ended, she has been minister to a church in Carroll, Ohio and also holds presentations related to “Self Care in Transition.”

Swank said throughout life people are always in transition. “You always give up something to move on to the next transition. A baby as it transitions to crawling, walking, etc., becomes more mobile and independent but at some time gives up gradually having someone at their every need,” she said.

Self care during life’s transitions can include physical, psychological and spiritual portions. She spoke in detail about each of these.

The next meeting will be July 22nd at noon at the Senior Center. It will be followed by the program speaker. All seniors are invited to join. Call for reservations or cancellations at 419-946-4191 by noon Thursday, July 21st.

Preparing and serving the dinner during the June meeting was the Senior Staff. Brownies were provided by Marnie Buchel.

By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel