Candidate Tamie Wilson’s visit sparks action for cleanup in Chesterville

By Alberta Stojkovic - For the Morrow County Sentinel

CHESTERVILLE — Candidate for United States Representative Tamie Wilson spent several hours with mayors from Chesterville and Mount Gilead Friday.

Wilson came after receiving a call from Susan Grundy who lives in the Chesterville area, telling her of the need in the community following the storm and tornados that tore through Morrow County this week.

For Wilson actions speak louder than words. She said she was glad to come to Morrow County from her home in Delaware County and see what might be done to help the village. She and her campaign manager met with Grundy and Chesterville Mayor Paula Bowman.

Bowman told Wilson that they had no help from the county or state and the village was at a loss at how to clean up following the storm.

Wilson suggested they contact the county Emergency Management (EMA) Director and they put a call into that office. She also volunteered to help organize a cleanup day to get rid of debris from trees in the village and get help with any repairs needed. People could be contacted on Facebook to begin making plans.

Wilson returned to Chesterville Saturday to be part of the village planning meeting before going on to several other campaign meetings and events. The planning meeting included Chesterville residents, council members and the mayor.

Morrow County EMA Director John Harsch was out of town and Marion EMA Director Sarah McNamee came in his place with Big Walnut/Chesterville Fire Chief Ben Lovell.

The group shared ideas on what needed to be done and will check with the village council on a location for disposing of debris from the storm. McNamee discussed the need for the village to have an emergency plan.

The mayor thanked Wilson and Grundy for helping to jump start plans to get the cleanup going.

“My primary goal is to not just be a voice, but to take action for those who feel lost and forgotten by DC,” Wilson said. “I want to help all people.”

Wilson speaks about issues

While on a stop with the mayor and residents in Mount Gilead, Wilson emphasized several primary issues in the race with Jim Jordan for the District Four Congressional seat. At the top of her list is the economy and reducing inflation.

“I want to bring jobs to District Four, cut taxes on the working class, cut taxes on social security and overtime pay,” Wilson said.

“Making America safer” is also high on her list of priorities. “I support the second amendment,” said Wilson. “And believe in the American tradition of responsible gun ownership.”

Her concerns are reducing domestic violence, mass shootings, school shootings and domestic terrorism.

“I am a strong supporter of police and law enforcement,” Wilson said.

Wilson talked about the importance of supporting small businesses.

“Politicians always say small business is the backbone of America, but big business always seems to be more favored,” said Wilson.

She experienced this herself as she applied for Covid funding for her business and found she didn’t qualify. She talked to a farmer recently who spent the last two years applying for federal funds. She feels working with the government should not be so frustrating.

“Politicians are often too far removed from day-to-day life and people’s problems. They don’t see how the policies they make actually affect people,” Wilson added.

To find more information about the candidate, see her website, and follow her on Face Book and Twitter.

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Morrow County Sentinel