Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education meeting

School staff recognized for years of service, supportive businesses recognized

By Evelyn Long - For the Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Members of the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education completed a busy agenda when they met Monday, May 9 in the high school library. Building renovations, parking lot repairs and new playground equipment were among the topics indicating it will be a busy summer at the school.

The board approved the renovation of restroom facilities at the high school and elementary school. The work will be completed by Christian Construction. Also approved was a resolution declaring the urgent necessity for the repair of parking lots and walkways at the high school, elementary school and the Miller Center.

Supt. Brian Petrie recognized the following personnel for their years of service with the district: Amy Adams, Lois Bennett, Kirsten Ebert, Michelle Goughenour, Diana McClure and Garry Stevens, 15 years; Brian Petrie,, 20 years and Shannon Byerly, Judy Castle and Jennifer Price, each 25 years of service with the district. They will be honored at the end of year breakfast for employees.

Board member Quinn Maceyko said the OSBA allows the recognition of up to four businesses in the district who have assisted in the function of the district: Morrow Lanes, Pizza Burg, FC Bank and Cardington Home and Auto were named this year.

Supt Petrie noted the following donations: a grant in the amount of $520.71 from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Education Department to the high school Advacnced Biology and Zoology classes for the cost of a field trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Also acknowledged were monetary donations of $1,037 from various contributors to the FFA program for the cost of the FFA banquet.

In his report, Treasurer Jon Mason said the school district income tax for the past year was very strong and as high as it has ever been.

“This school year was just over $1M, $158,000 higher than last year. The renewal of the income tax is a vital component to the funding sources for the district’s operations.”

He continued “The overall financial condition of the district is very good. The general fund operating balance has grown to over $3M which began at $125,000 six years ago. This balance seems like a lot but it really is where it should be by school operating standards of a minimum of 60 days cash on hand. We should end the year closer to 90 days cash on hand.”

“The establishment of a Permanent Improvement fund years ago has also been a tremendous help to the district which helps to maintain the facilities and purchase capital items such as school busses and computers. The PI fund will help fund new pavement at the Miller Center and maintenance of the other parking lots this summer.”

Named to the position of Athletic and Activities Director was Ron Williams.

Giving their reports were Joe Mills, high school principal, who reviewed recent activities: FFA banquet and the prom, complimenting the manner in which they were organized. He also complimented and named the 12 FFA students who achieved State Degrees.

Middle School Principal Eric Petit reviewed the activities by the fifth sixth, seventh and eighth grades including coming trips. He also noted that even though its nearing the end of the school year, “May is 11 percent of the school year,” so there are still days of activities and study; Scott Hardwick, elementary principal, reviewed a very busy agenda completed in the elementary school and events still to take place.

He said there will be a summer school program offered again and said there will be new playground equipment installed by August 1.

Curriculum Director Jennifer Zierden reviewed the end of year testing she has given and described new tests slated for next year, including a required one for Grades K-3.

Approved was a resolution for the Cardington-Lincoln Library to appear on the November, 2022 ballot for additional tax for current expenses.

Service agreements were approved with Julian and Grube, GAAP Report FY 22: One year FY 22: $6,500 and agreement with Knox Educational Service Center, from August 1, 2022 through July 31, 2023.

Also approved was the agreement with The Learning Spectrum for students and Disabilities; Education and ABA consult $4,962 and Therapy Services, $920. Approval was also given attendance services Fy23: Steve Halbert Truancy Attendance Officer; $4095.

Lease agreement with Head Start was approved with addendum to Lease: Month to Month January 1, 2022 at $1580 a month.

The board will meet May 23 and May 26 from 5 to 8 p.m. to interview scholarship applicants. It will hold a work session on June 13 at 7 p.m. and will hold its final meeting of the school year on June 27 at 7 p.m.

School staff recognized for years of service, supportive businesses recognized

By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel