May 9

Alarm – caller advised of an alarm going off at the Morrow County Veterans Services. All doors and windows were secure, and the alarm was shut off.

Caller advised of a vehicle parked outside of the Duke gas station for an extended period of time. The gentleman in the vehicle had been in the same situation previously and stated that his health was not good. He was transferred to the hospital by E.M.S.

Alarm – dispatch advised of an alarm at Dunkin Donuts. Officer found the South door to be unsecured. He checked the building and secured the door.

May 10

Traffic – accident on West High Street and Iberia Street. Woman cited for A.C.D.A.

Caller advised that a commercial vehicle had snagged power lines to the Morrow County Highway Building causing a power outage. No damage was done to the vehicle or the building.

Caller advised of a male walking into the school refusing to leave. Officer contacted the school staff to find out that it was in Cardington and not the school in Mt. Gilead.

May 11

Traffic – man cited for open container.

May 12

Alarm – Alarm at Dunkin Donuts. Officer found an unsecured door. He cleared the building and locked the door.

Traffic – Man was cited for plate obstruction and driving under suspension and arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Assist – Officer was asked to assist Highway Patrol by placing stop sticks for an in-pursuit vehicle. Officer applied the stop sticks but the car in pursuit turned onto County Rd 110.

Traffic – Man cited for driving under suspension.

Traffic – Officer assisted with traffic while the village street department worked on a broken water line on West Marion Road.

Officer responded to a call about a fall at Family Dollar. The woman that fell request medical attention. Officer remained on the scene until EMS arrived.

May 13

Officer responded to a residence on North Main Street where a male suspect was banging on the door saying someone was poisoning him. The officer contacted the man, and he said he was not feeling right and thought someone was poisoning him and someone was chasing him earlier. He was found without clothing earlier in a nearby stream. He was not making any sense at times and would drop and say, “I need help.” The man was taken to Morrow County Hospital for mental health evaluation.

Officer was patrolling the area of West Marion Road and found the West door to Drive Thru 95 to be open. He announced himself with no response and asked for assistance from the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office. The cleared the building and locked the door.

Owner of Hoffman Office Supply reported a vehicle parked in front of his business with no rear license plate. The front license was expired, and sheriff’s office was unable to contact the owner. Vehicle was towed by 24/7 Towing.

A woman went into the police department to report that her neighbor was without electricity and due to her age needed it for air conditioning and her oxygen. The officer went to the neighbor’s home. She had power but didn’t have cable. The officer tried to get her cable working but was unable to. He stayed with her while she called Spectrum.

May 14

Dispatch reported a 911 hang up from Edison Ball Park. The officer patrolled the area and there was a baseball game going on. No one appeared to be in distress.

Warrant- officer arrested a woman from Westview Trailer Park on an active warrant from Knox County.

Officer responded to a possible theft on South Delaware Street. A woman thought someone had stolen gas from her car because the cap was missing. Officer explained that the door was the cap.

Man was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant while located on South Delaware Street.

May 15

Officer responded to Lee Street for a possible domestic due to yelling. The couple stated that they were having a difficult time and were arguing about it. The man agreed to leave and walk home. They were advised to stay apart until they calm down.