May 2

Caller advised of a dog in a locked pickup truck and barking. I arrived and contacted the owner who advised he would take care of his barking dog.

A nurse at Morrow County Hospital found what was suspected to be fentanyl in a patient’s room. The drug is being tested.

Officer received a call stating that doors to Chase Bank might be unlocked. He found the inner doors to be unlocked. He contacted a staff member to lock the doors.

Officer received a call about a loose Golder Retriever. He was able to locate the dog and returned her home.

May 3

Warrant – Officer received a call from the local post office that a suspect with a warrant was in their lobby. Suspect was taken into custody and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

The staff at Jobs and Family Services received a suspicious envelope with white powder. Area was evacuated and persons exposed were checked by EMS. The area was sanitized.

Officer responded to Southeast Mental Health where a 12-year-old refused to go to the hospital for evaluation. The juvenile agreed and was transported by her mother without further incident.

Officer responded to a call from a man that stated he had left his home and needed items in it from abusive family members. Officer went to the residents and retrieved the medication and other items without issue. Family members were cooperative. Officer advised the man that if he felt it was needed, he could contact Adult Protective Services.

Traffic – Officer responded to a non-injury accident in Drug Mart parking lot which caused minor damage to both vehicles.

May 4

A caller reported that someone tried to open a Discover card in her name in December 2021 or January 2022.

Vandalism – A passenger side window was broken while parked at Mid-Ohio Sanitation.

Caller advised that a man shaped his hand like a gun and pointed it at him. After speaking with the man, he stated that he knew the caller from school and flicked his hand like he was throwing a disc.

Caller advised of a man walking down the road yelling at traffic and being in the roadway. Officer made contact and he stated that he was walking to his mother’s house. Officer told him to stay out of the traffic.

Officer found a door to Whetstone Industries unlocked. He contacted staff and the door was secured.

Officer was dispatched to the property of a neighbor that had the caller’s dog and was refusing to return it due to its unhealthy condition. The owner stated that he rescued the dog, and it was currently in better condition that what it had been. Another couple stated the dog had been left in a cage for 36 – 40 hours and had no food or water. Photos were taken and emailed to the dog warden.

May 5

Threat/harassment – Caller from Morrow County United Way reported that a man called asking for help due to being evicted. The man became very upset during the call and was verbally abusive. He also called United Way corporate making further statements.

Traffic – assisted with traffic control at West High Street and Delaware Street for a road closure.

Assist – Officer assisted medics at the Mt. Gilead High School with a student who had fainted.

A caller advised of a marijuana plant growing in a window. Officer was unable to make contact.

Assist – EMS requested assistance as they transported a male inside the hospital.

Traffic – Officer arrested a man for an active warrant out of Richland County, He was also cited for driving under suspension.

May 6

A man advised that his wife had been kidnapped. It was determined that his wife had been placed in a hospital by Adult Protective Services and the man suffered from Alzheimer’s. The son was contacted to assist in making him understand.

A man asked officer to assist his mother in retrieving his personal items from his ex-girlfriend. Officer made contact and she turned the property over to the mother.

Theft – A caller told police that she found credit cards and ID cards of other people in her ex boyfriend’s belongings whom had been arrested the previous week.

May 7

Well-being – Officer spotted a male that appeared to be asleep in his car at the Duke gas station. The man stated that he has diabetes, and his blood sugar was high, and he was just resting because he didn’t feel well. EMS arrived and cleared him medically.

Well-being – A mother called and asked officers to check on her daughter at a suggested address. The officer went to the address and the homeowner stated that they didn’t know anyone of that name.

Caller advised of screaming and glass breaking from another residence. The officer contacted the person at the residence. She said there was no glass breaking and the screaming was her on the phone.

Traffic – Driver was cited for driving without a license and the passenger was cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

May 8

Officer discovered an unlocked door at Maryhaven. He was able to properly secure the door.

A caller said she found an envelope with possible drugs. Officer found a 2 x 2 baggy that was empty and disposed of it.

Well-being – Caller asked that officer checked on his sister. She was very intoxicated and having issues breathing and made comments of harming herself. EMS arrived and evaluated the woman and she agreed to be transported by EMS for medical and mental evaluation.