April 18

Caller reported a shirtless man walking down Main Street screaming. Man fitting description was not located.

Threats-Caller advised that her current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was contacting her on via phone and social media threatening to come to her house. Officer attempted to contact with the ex-girlfriend was unsuccessful. He advised the caller that if it continued, she should contact victims witness to obtain an order against harassment.

April 19

Officer assisted another unit at the Marathon a station in Cardington. Subject was in custody.

Officer was contacted by the Duke gas station regarding counterfeit money turned into Brink’s. They recalled a $100 bill that they thought was counterfeit but didn’t know for sure a few weeks ago.

Officer responded to a complaint at North Main Street apartment where a person stated that her boyfriend had a key and entered her apartment while she was at work and scattered her clothes all over her apartment. There was no damage of any property. Officer called the boyfriend and informed him that she did not want him back in her apartment and he was not to contact her again.

April 20

A Duke employee advised that a man tried to make a purchase with fake money and he had left his identification card.

Officer was asked to check an alarm at the State Park General Store. An employee stated that the manager had just left and must have set off the alarm.

Officer assisted another unit by locating a vehicle that was involved in a felonious assault in the county and detained the suspect until the Deputy arrived.

April 22

Caller said his neighbor came to his door to advise him that his car door was open. The caller didn’t leave his car door open, but nothing appeared to be missing. Officer informed the caller that he would conduct extra patrols in the area.

Caller stated that a suspicious person was in his back yard. Caller shoed the officer security camera footage showing the man. No items were reported missing.

April 23

Caller reported a large suitcase with men and women’s belongings and dog food inside at the front door of the church. They believed that someone may have slept on the bench and needed assistance. Extra patrol was requested, and the persons were located walking their dog. They were on their way to Marion.

April 24

Employee at Morrow County Hospital advised that a subject who had just overdosed was believed to have brought items into the hospital that contains Fentanyl. Items were collected as evidence.

Vandalism-caller advised officer of someone throwing ranch dressing packets at their vehicle. Photographs were taken and extra patrol was given to the area.