FFA discusses future plans

By Hazel Jolliff, Cardington FFA reporter

CARDINGTON — Members of the Farm Association met for their annual meeting in Room 133 at Cardington-Lincoln High School to work their way through the meeting agenda.This included a program overview, the FFA program of activities,

classes offered, state programming participation, accomplishments to celebrate, coming news and banquet plans.

During this March meeting the Farm Association was given a good base on how the chapter was doing and how to proceed with the year.

The Farm Association also discussed the school farm and how to continue with the planting and harvesting of the land in the coming year.

The Cardington FFA is extremely grateful for the Farm Association and its members, the Cardington FFA is able to provide its members with the best opportunities to grow in the FFA organization.

By Hazel Jolliff, Cardington FFA reporter