Feb. 6-16


Caller reported finding the house he watches while the owners are away for winter was broken into. While looking around we found that a glass window pane in the east door had been broken to access the lock. Within the house, items had been taken out of drawers, but was unable to verify if items were missing.

Complaint Investigated

Hardy reported that Jacob Nuce had been previously banned from the store and continues to return. Nuce had left prior to police arrival to Discount Drug Mart. Charges wished to be pursued for trespassing.

Property Damage

Advised of a truck that hit the side of the Goodwill building.

Traffic Offenses

Man cited and released for driving under suspension while in the area of South Delaware St. and South Street.

A man stopped for a traffic light offense was found to be a suspended driver.

Man cited for driving under suspension.

Person arrested on multiple warrants and cited for driving under suspension.

Narcotics Complaint

Vehicle was stopped for driving with no headlights. Upon further investigation and a probable cause search, drug paraphernalia was located inside the vehicle. Driver was cited for possession.


A caller advised of receiving threatening text messages over a vehicle. Unable to contact person. Contact will be made at a later time.

Well Being Check

Caller advised her mother had called her sister and was acting hysterical. Mother explained she was going through some tough times. Her husband was going to take her to her doctor in Cardington.

Caller advised she had not heard from the female living at the address today. Upon arrival, the front door was open and a female could be heard yelling for help. Female was laying on the floor. Officer stayed until EMS arrived.

An anonymous caller requested a well-being check due to hearing yelling coming from the apartment. Officer was advised that the grandson had been arguing with someone on the phone.

Caller requested a well being check on his sister after not receiving answers on her phone. Officer made contact and she advised her phone battery died and she would contact her brother.

Alarm Drop

Responded to location of an alarm drop. There was no contact. Residence checked and secure.

Officer was patrolling the area when he heard an audible alarm coming from Helpline. Officer made contact with a cleaning crew member who advised they had accidentally set it off and did not have the correct code to shut it off. A key holder was notified and the alarm was shut off.

Caller advised of a glass break alarm at Discount Drug Mart. After patrolling the area, no signs of entry or forced entry. Unable to contact key holder.

A hold up panic alarm was activated at the Duke. It was a false alarm.

Disabled Vehicle

A van had broken down on W. North Street. The operator had made arrangements to have it towed.


Caller advised person wasn’t answering her door or phone. She was found deceased in her residence.

Domestic Complaint

Mother reported that her daughter had been assaulted by her boyfriend. She had been choked and hit and had significant marks on her face and neck. After being locked outside, he attempted to break into the house through windows. He fled the scene on foot prior to the officer’s arrival.

Property Damage/Accident

Family Dollar staff member reported that a fuel delivery truck backed into an electrical pole and caused damage.

Caller reported she had backed out of her driveway and was eastbound on W. High when a SUV turned eastbound from Duke and struck her vehicle then left the scene.


Caller reported multiple vehicles at 210 South Street had been broken into. Footprints around all the vehicles but only a few were rummaged through.

Kroger staff reported a male attempted to leave with a cart full of unpaid groceries. When approached by staff and a customer, the man fled on foot towards Discount Drug Mart parking lot. The area was patrolled but man was unable to be located.

Caller reported multiple vehicles at 123 S. Main Street had been gone through overnight. Several items had been taken out of vehicles. Extra patrol was requested.

Neighbor Complaint

Officer cited resident for disorderly conduct for yelling inside of apartment so loud officer could hear him from outside. Officers had been to this apartment multiple times for disturbance.

Investigate Complaint

Caller advised her ex-boyfriend threatened to get her in trouble with the courts if she didn’t drop the protection order. She wanted the incident documented.

Suspicious Person

Rite Aid reported a male acting confused and walking out the Emergency Exit. We made contact with the man and he advised he wasn’t able to find his truck. We helped him locate his truck without incident. Later, officer was contacted again to state that man had taken a pair of socks without paying. He agreed to return to the store and purchase the socks.

Caller advised an individual was on her front porch. Area was patrolled. Unable to locate the individual.