Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend has always meant one thing to members of the Ohio FFA: Leadership – each year the three day weekend provides an opportunity for more than 400 students from across the state to explore various aspects of their leadership and personal development through a conference facilitating curriculum from the National FFA and their facilitators.

Cardington FFA has always enthusiastically attended this conference which takes place at the Embassy Suites, Dublin. Attending this year were 51 Cardington FFA members as part of two conferences.

Freshmen and sophomore students participated in the Mission conference. This seven session conference took students on a journey of self-discovery, recognizing their strengths and talents and learning how to put those talents into action by recognizing needs around them.

It helped to identify a path that students wanted to take as they proceed through high school and their FFA journey.

Junior and senior high school students participated in the IMPACT conference. This seven session event led students on a more full circle reflection- reflecting on experiences they’ve had thus far and identified what impact they would leave on their school and community before they graduate.

They created action plans to determine how they would leave their mark and make a difference.

Students were also able to network and socialize with peers from around the state and the Ohio FFA state officer team through a catered dinner, dance and games on Saturday evening. In both conferences the facilitators offered a prize to the school that participated and offered the most contributions to the conference throughout the weekend.

Cardington students won the prize in both conferences and are now the proud guardians of an inflatable duck and a very large bottle of ranch dressing to commemorate their actions.