Jan. 10-16

Assist Other Unit, Road 26, Harmony

Suspicious Person, US 42, Gilead

Assist Other Unit, Road 191, Bennington

Suspicious Person, Road 108, Franklin

Stolen Car, Road 183, Chester

Assist Other Unit, Road 10/Road 71, Canaan

Accident, Road 191, Bennington

Breaking and Entering, Road 28, Canaan

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 212, Bennington

Animal Call, Road 232, Harmony

Civil Dispute, Road 218, Peru

Domestic Dispute, SR 229, Bennington

Assist Other Unit, I-71, Bennington

Suspicious Vehicle, SR 61, Washington

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 21, S. Bloomfield

Suspicious Person, Walnut St, Marengo

Domestic Dispute, Road 175, Chester

Bad Checks/Forgery, SR 97, Troy

Run Away/Unruly, Road 69, Gilead

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 21, Peru

Vandalism, Road 187, Harmony

Non-Injury Accident, Road 25, Harmony

Private Property Accident, SR 61, Bennington

Suspicious Vehicle, SR 229, Bennington

Assist Other Unit, W. Vine, Edison

Accident, SR 61, Bennington

Unruly, Road 46, Congress

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 40, Congress

Domestic, Road 166, Cardington

ATV Complaint, SR 529, Cardington

Bad Checks-Forgery, Road 96, Franklin

Suspicious Person, SR 229, Bennington

Domestic Dispute, Road 213, Bennington

Assault, Road 59, Perry

Dispute, SR 314, Franklin

Suspicious Person, US 42, Gilead

Threats/Harassment, SR 97, Troy

Breaking and Entering, Road 20, Franklin

Suspicious Person, Road 199, S. Bloomfield

Suspicious Vehicle, Road 172, Chester

Theft, SR 229, Bennington

Trespassing Complaint, Road 218, Peru

Non-Injury Accident, Road 20, N. Bloomfield

Theft, SR 314, S Bloomfield

Prowlers, SR 19, Congress

Suspicious Person, SR 529, Cardington

Vandalism, Road 59, Perry