Edison Council considers projects for 2022

By Alberta Stojkovic - For The Sentinel

EDISON — Mayor Patti Feustel opened the Jan. 10 Edison village council meeting with a request that council members take a look at committee purposes.

Feustel noted that some council committees such as new works and annexation are no longer relevant. Other projects and problems in the village will need work.

Council member Pete Russel and Feustel are working on a Founders Day Celebration for this summer.

Edison was founded and named Edison in 1882. The 140th anniversary of the village will be in 2022.

Council member April Brown suggested working with the county recycling director Lindsey Grimm on village clean-up. One possibility might be having the whole village participate in Trash Bash this spring.

Another committee suggested was communications. Council member Dominique Adkins is working on getting a website online for the village.

Village Attorney Bailey Higgins suggested that a well maintained Face Book page might help get the word out about village events.

In other business:

• Two council members are still needed to fill vacant positions on council. Interested Edison residents can call the village office or speak to Feustel or one of the council members.

• Village Administrator Mary Neviska reported that her latest research recommended an inspection of manholes and covers along with the storm sewers. She said an inspection may solve the problem of storm sewers overflowing and water in some basements. The cost for the inspection is $10,000. Neviska is hoping the majority of the cost can be covered by grants.

• Fiscal Officer Bruce Seaburn presented the 2021 Financial Statement for the village. Due to the conservative budget, there was a carry over for this year. This should allow the village to do some road paving on streets and other projects.

Feustel noted that the village finances are in much better shape than they were 10 years ago. A big factor that helped the financial situation was to have the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office do policing rather than maintaining their own police force.

• Council approved payment of December bills for $10,012.25 and for January bills total $9,566.81.

• The next meeting will be Monday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building at 103 N. Boundary St.

By Alberta Stojkovic

For The Sentinel