Dec. 20-26

Dog neglected

A neighbor said a whining dog was outside in the sub-freezing temperatures on Westview Drive. The owner was contacted and said he would fix the issue.

Fuel stolen

A man reported about 80 gallons of fuel stolen from his semi on West Marion Road between Dec. 17 and 19.


A woman said a relative took her vehicle while she was inside a store. She did not want to pursue charges. She was found to have an active warrant out of Mayor’s Court. She was taken in and posted bond and given a new court date.


A man said his vehicle was struck by another while turning southbound onto Orchard Drive. Minor damage was reported.

Suspicious person

A resident of East North Street reported someone looking into his neighbor’s window with a flashlight. Patrol of the area found nothing suspicious.

Driver cited

A man was cited for operating a motor vehicle while failure to reinstate at East Union and Bank streets.

Citations given

A man was cited or driving under a non-compliance suspension and failure to yield at West High and North Main streets.

Domestic issue

A report of a domestic issue on Bank Street involved a man who reportedly had struck a telephone box on U.S. 42 east of Home Road. The Ohio Highway Patrol arrived on scene and took over the investigation.