Buckeye State Pedal Pull winners at the Morrow County Fair

Pedal Pull Results from the Morrow County Fair:

AGE 4: Sebastian White, first; Luke Clark, second; Cash Meadows, third

AGE 5: Austin Krabill, first; Memphis Clapper second; Grace Cooper, third

AGE 6: Haylee Walker first; Blake Tuggle, second; Kyle Morrris, third

AGE 7: Nick McFerran, first; Brooksten Beck, second; Cole Fricke, third

AGE 8: Katie Statler, first; Savannah Wilt, second; Kearston Sharp, third

AGE 9: Nathan Krabill, first; Morgan Snider, second, Kegan Searls, third

AGE 10: Mason Powell, first; Emily Zeger, second; Katelynn Carey, third

AGE 11: Nicholas Harriger, first; Maddie Snider, second;Josh Rhea, third