GRAND CHAMPION PORK CARCASS: Haylee Walker; Reserve Champion Pork Carcass: Dawson Davis; Third Overall Pork Carcass: Bailey Ulrey


GRAND CHAMPION BEEF CARCASS: Emma Davis; Reserve Champion Beef Carcass: Larissa Coleman; Third Overall Beef Carcass: Dana Clinedinst

2021 Dairy Herdsman winners: Abby and Brenna Leonhard; Individuals with Champion projects in the Dairy Department: Beginner: Janey Creswell; Junior: Levi Leonhard; Intermediate: Abby Leonard Senior: Hunter Dye

Overall: Hunter Dye

BEEF HERDSMAN winners are Bryce Cooper and Caleb Reynolds

Individuals with champion projects in the Beef Department

Beginner: Aubrey Prest;Junior: Porter Beck; Intermediate: Bryce Cooper

Senior: Colton Beck; Overall: Bryce Cooper

FEEDER HERDSMAN winners: Jr: Janey Creswell and Sr. Lydia Leonard; Individuals with Champion projects in the Feeder Departmen

Beginner: Levi Leonard; Junior: Grant LaRoche Intermediate: Natallie Jagger

Senior: Jed Adams; Overall: Jed Adams

HORSE HERDSMAN winners: Jr: Lyla Bishop; Sr: Braden Gamble

Individuals with champion projects in the horse department

Beginner: Tate Pollard; Junior: Faith Harris; Intermediate: Brooklin Poppell

Senior: Brooke Clapham; Overall: Faith Harris

POULTRY HERDSMAN winners: Rebecca Johnson and Heidi Johnson

Individuals with Champion projects in the Poultry Department

Beginner: Belladona Threadgill; Junior: Rebecca Johnson; Intermediate: Tyler Duckworth; Senior: Sage Whetnall; Overall: Tyler Duckworth

RABBIT HERDSMAN winners: Kaylynn Smith and Larrissa Coleman

Individuals with Champion projects in the rabbit departmen

Beginner: Brody Eldred; Junior: Heidi Johnson; Intermediate: Emma Smith

Senior: Hayden Styer; Overall: Emma Smith

GOAT HERDSMAN winners: Sebastian White and Bethany Sayers

Individuals with Champion projects in the Goat Department

Beginner: Rylan Fiant; Junior: Shalynn Irwin; Intermediate: Laken Dye; Senior: Megan Beck; Overall: Shalynn Irwin

SHEEP HERDSMAN winners: Maizy Brinkman and Leandra Gray

Individuals with Champion projects in the Sheep department:

Beginner: Parker Johnson; Junior: Caiden Daugherty; Intermediate

Victoria Kovacs; Senior: Riley Johnson; Overall Riley Johnson

SWINE HERDSMAN winners: Ella Ablert and Max Eichorn

Individuals with Champion projects in the Swine Department

Beginner: Luke Clark; Junior: Kasey Clark; Intermediate: Griffin Healea; Senior: Cassady Healea; Overall: Cassady Healea


Junior Fair Equestrian Royalty: Junior Queen: Leah Ervin

1st Runner Up – Madison May; 2nd Runner Up – Annabelle Cooper

Junior King: Breyer Cooper

Senior Queen: Brooke Clapham; 1st runner-up: Abby Booher; 2nd runner up: Sage Whetnell

Senior King: Braden Gamble

Junior Fair Champion Book Projects: Beginner: Tate Pollard

Junior: Faith Harris; Intermediate: Brooklin Poppell; Senior: Brooke Clapham

Grand Champion Overall: Faith Harris

Horseman Awards: Senior: Braden Gamble; Junior: Lyla Bishop

Sportsmanship Award: Sage Whetnall

Senior High Point Western Pleasure: 1st; Olivia Serio; 2nd: Sage Whetnall

Junior High Point Western Pleasure: 1st: Joni Kory; 2nd: Miranda Kintz; 3rd: Natori Clevenger; 4th: Annabelle Cooper; 5th: Bri Myers

Senior High Point Ranch Pleasure: Advisors: 1st: Brooklin Poppell; 2nd: Dana Bertke; 3rd: Brooke Clapham; 4th: Kendall Rogers; 5th: Morgan Bauer

Junior High Point Ranch Pleasure: 1st: Jill Bertke; 2nd: Lyla Bishop

High Point Walk Trot: 1st: Baylee Skeens – Doubikin 2nd: Nevach Summers; 3rd: Bella Ervin

Senior High Point Mini: 1st: Alexa Gillam; 2nd: McKenna Gillam; 3rd and 4th Cassidy Dishong

Junior High Point Mini: 1st: Miranda Kintz; 2nd: Annabelle Cooper; 3rd: Natori Clevenger; 4th: Megan Beck; 5th: Landon Bishop

Senior High Point English: 1st: Brooklin Poppell; 2nd: Dana Bertke; 3rd: Morgan Bauer; 4th: Sage Whetnall; 5th: Kendall Rogers

Junior High Point English: 1st: Joni Kory; 2nd: Jill Bertke; 3rd and 4th: Bri Myers; 5th: Miranda Kintz

Senior High Point Contest: 1st: Owen Christian; 2nd: Ashlynn Meadows; 3rd: Abby Booher; 4th: Hailey Pollard; 5th: Brooke Clapham

Junior High Point Contest: 1st: Colson Allen; 2nd: Aubrey Crabbe-Brake; 3rd: Elyse Holzer; 4th: Natalie Peterson; 5th: Aly Pollard

Senior High Point Pleasure Versatiity: 1st: Brooke Clapham; 2nd: Brooklin Poppell 3rd: Dana Bertke; 4th: Jill Bertke; 5th; Miranda Kintz

Senior High Point Contest Versatility: 1st and 2nd: Ashlynn Meadows; 3rd: Aly Pollard; 4th: Abby Booher; 5th; Aubrey Crabbe-Brake; 6th: Brooke Clapham

Richard Shirley Memorial Saddle: Owen Christian

Senior Free Style Reining: 1st: Brooklyn Damron; 2nd: Abby Booher; 3rd: Brooklin Poppell; 4th: Kendall Rogers; 5th: Brooke Clapham

Junior Free Style Reining: 1st and 2nd: Aly Pollard; 3rd: Miranda Kintz; 4th: Elyse Holzer; 5th: Breyer Cooper

Open Free Style Reining: 1st: Brooke Clapham; 2nd: Jill Bertke; 3rd: Dana Bertke; 4th: Abby Kelley; 5th: Ally Collins

— Compiled by Evelyn Long

— Compiled by Evelyn Long