Morrow County Fair Dept M: Arts and Crafts winners announced – update

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

Winners in the Arts and Crafts Department at the 2015 Morrow County Fair

Department superintendents: Cathy Davis, Sue Beck and Kathy Eichorn


Lot 2 – Snow/land/sea scape (oil/acry) 1st RB Linda L Myers; 2nd: Phyllis Hawk, 3rd: Erica Hursey;

Lot 3: Still Life (Object) 1st Phyllis Hawk;

Lot 6: Miscellaneous (Oil/acrylic) 1st Phyllis Hawk ;2nd Patricia Nauman;

Lot 7 Holiday (oil/acrylic) 1st Phyllis Hawk


Lot 9 Snow/Land/Seascape -water color: 1st BS Patricia Nauman; 2nd Brian Adams 3rd Samantha Grogg;

Lot 11: Floral (Realistic) Water Color 2nd: Charlotte S. Benedict;

Lot 13: Miscellaneous – Water Color: 2nd: Charlotte S. Benedict


Lot 17: Modernistic, any medium, 3rd: Charlotte S.Benedict;

Lot 20: Dream Catcher: 1st: Jennifer Walters;

Lot 21: Pastel; 1st: Samantha Grogg;

Lot 22: Primitive: 1st: Patricia Nauman;

Lot 24: Miscellaneous: non-fired finish: 1st: Patricia Nauman; 2nd: Samantha Grogg; 3rd: Stinson Family;

Lot 26: Decorated Flower Pot: 1st: Judy Mayer, 2nd: Jennifer Morrison; 3rd: Charlotte S. Benedict;

Lot 27: Stains, dry brush or chalk: 1st: Patricia Nauman;

Lot 28: Hand formed work in clay; 1st: Erica Hursey


Lot 29: Any Subject, Ages 3-5: 1st: Lisa Baer; 2nd: Sandra Carey; 3rd: Erica Hursey;

Lot 30: Any Subject age 6-8: 1st: Eren Emerson; 2nd: Kimberly Anthony; 3rd: Jennifer Morrison;

Lot 31: Any Subject – ages 9-11: 1st: Erica Hursey; 2nd: Kimberly Staley; 3rd: Eyan Emerson;

Lot 32: Any Subject, ages 12-15: 1st: Elizabeth Emerson; 2nd: Samantha Grogg; 3rd: Samantha Grogg;

Lot 33: Any Subject ages 16-18: 1st: Ann Artrip; 2nd: Brewer Family;


Lot 35: Woodcarving – animal, any kind: 3rd: Charlotte S. Benedict;

Lot 36: Woodcarving, any other item, 3rd: Charlotte S. Benedict


Lot 37: Holiday Decoration – wood crafts: no larger than 12” – 2nd: Charlotte S Benedict;

Lot 40: Small furniture/chest-woodcraft; 1st BS – Jennifer Walters; 2nd; Maxine Hershner; 3rd: Don Artz;

Lot 41: Planter – wood craft; 1st: Sondra Carey;

Lot 42: Bird House/bird feeder- wood Cr: 1st: Penny Cranston; 2nd: Linda Fraizer;

Lot 44: Decorative Shelf Wood Craft; 1st: Mariah Carey; 2nd: Sandra Carey;

Lot 48: Miscellaneous Wood Craft: 1st: William Drake; 2nd: Maxine Hershner; 3rd: Don Artz


Lot 49: Adult Hobby and /or collection: 1st: Phylis Miller


Lot 52: Landscape/seascape – T & DP: 1st: Judy Mayer; Lot 43: Holiday T & DP: 1st: Judy Mayer


Lot 55: Batter Up RS; 1st: Ann Artrip; 2nd: Emma Naylor; 3rd: Crystal McCown;

Lot 56: Balance: 1st: Peggy Morgan; 2nd: Erica Hursey; 3rd: Ella Creswell;

Lot 57: True Buckeye Fan: 1st: Jo Reed; 2nd: Amanda Lilly; 3rd: Peggy Morgan;

Lot 58: A Peek at Memorabilia: 1st: Peggy Morgan; 2nd: Beth Gillam; 3rd: Julie Logan;

Lot 59:Tulip Time; 1st: Jeanne Smith; 2nd: Peggy Morgan; 3rd: Kelli Jagger;

Lot 60: 1st: Vickie McKinney;

Lot 61: Vintage Home: 1st: Maggie Clark; 2nd: Peggy Morgan; 3rd: Denise Ruckel;

Lot 62: Insect Pest (s); 1st: Lauren Branford; 2nd: Crystal McCown; 3rd: Kelli Jagger;

Lot 63: National Memorial: 1st: Darla Clinedinst; 2nd: Julie Logan; 3rd: Lauren Branford;

Lot 64: Sweet Corn Treat: 1st: Kelli Jagger; 2nd: Ann Artrip; 3rd: Beth Gilliam;

Lot 65: Keep it Straight: 1st: Jeanne Smith; 2nd: Kelli Jagger; 3rd: Beth Gillam;

Lot 66: Computer Geek; 1st: Peggy Morgan; 2nd: Beth Gillam;

Lot 67: Cherry Blossom Time:1st: Leah Monk;

Lot 68: Around and Around: 1st: Jeanne Smith; 2nd: Erica Hursey; 3rd: Kelli Jagger;

Lot 69: Perfect Pair; 1st: Lauren Branford; 2nd: Emma Naylor; 3rd: Kelli Jagger;

Lot 70: It’s Got Fangs: 1st: Beth Gillam; 2nd: Peggy Morgan; 3rd: Vicki McKinney;

Lot 71: Selfie: 1st: Jeanne Smith; 2nd: Beth Gillam; 3rd: Lauren Branford;

Lot 72: Cazy Hat Day: 1st: Amanda Lilly; 2nd: Emma Naylor; 3rd: Erica Hursey;

Lot 73: Run River Run: 1st: Julie Logan; 2nd: Jeanne Smith; 3rd:: Robin LaRoche;

Lot 74: Puddle Splashing: 1st: Kelli Jagger; 2nd: Peggy Morgan; 3rd: Candie Rogers


Lot 75: Stubborn Face: 1st: BS: Kelli Jagger; 2n: Jeanne Smith; 3rd: Erica Hursey;

Lot 76: Limbs Frozen in Time: 1st: Looker Farms; 2nd: Jo Reed; 3rd: Peggy Morgan;

Lot 77: Run River Run: Historical Monument: 1st: Crystal McCown; 2nd: Peggy Morgan;

Lot 78: Around and Around: 1st: Erica Hursey; 2nd: Peggy Morgan; 3rd: Vickie McKinney;

Lot 79: Amish Wagon in Winter: 1st: Peggy Morgan;

Lot 80: National Memorial: 1st: Darla Clinedinst; 2nd: Peggy Morgan; 3rd: Leah Monk;

Lot 81: Stairs of Stone: 1st: Emma Naylor; 2nd: Darla Clinedinst; 3rd: Beth Gillam;

Lot 82: Balance 1st: Beth Gillam; 2nd: Maggie Clark; 3rd: Lisa Baer;

Lot 83: Boat Riggin’s: 1st: Joanna Curts; 2nd: Denise Buckel;

Lot 84: Historical Windmill: 1st: Crystal McCown; 2nd: Peggy Morgan


Lot 85: The Winner: 1st: Barbara Clark; 2nd: Marcia Wenger;

Lot 86: Our New Puppy/Kitten: 1st: Marcia Wenger; second: Megan Beck;

Lot 87: Queen of the Family: 1st: Martha Barnett; 2nd: Kimberly Anthony; 3rd: Marcia Wenger;

Lot 88: Travel Ohio: 1st: Barbara Clark 2nd: Martha Barnett;

Lot 89: First Drive: 1st: Barbara Clark; 2nd: Andrew C.Baker; 3rd: Raven Carroll;

Lot 90: Family Tree: 1st: Ann Artrip; 2nd: Morgan Beck; 3rd: Marcia Wenger;

Lot 91: Always a___ Fan; 1st: Barbara Clark; 2nd: Morgan Beck; 3rd: Marcia Wenger;

Lot 92: Camping at Morrow County Fair; 1st: Marcia Wenger; 2nd: Morgan Beck; 3rd: Megan Beck;

Lot 94: Our Flower Hall (Fair): 1st: Marcia Wenger; 2nd: Charlotte S.Benedict;

Lot 95: Hare Raising: 1st BS Worner Way Farm; 2nd: Martha Barnett; 3rd: Barbara Clark;

Lot 96: Young Kids Cooking: 1st: Marcia Wenger; 2nd: Barbara Clark;

Lot 97: My Collection: 1st: Barbara Clark; 2nd:Andrew C Baker; 3rd: Marcia Wenger;

Lot 98: My Hero (real or imaginary) 1st: Martha Barnett; 2nd: Barbara Clark;

Lot 99: Easter Egg Decorating: 1st: Barbara Clark; 2nd: Marcia Wenger;

Lot 100 : My Fair Friends: 1st: Barbara Clark; 2nd: Marcia Wenger; 3rd: Morgan Beck;

Lot 101: Sugar Shaker: 1st: Peggy Morgan; 2nd: Alice Mooney; 3rd: Robin LaRoche;

Lot 102: Cartoon Drinking Glass: 1st: Robin Lester; 2nd: Alice Mooney; 3rd: Joanne Trainer;

Lot 103: Stereoscope viewer and 1 card: 1st: Alice Mooney, 2nd: Mary Fuller; 3rd: Faith Jagger;

Lot 105: Tin Toy: 1st: Alice Mooney; 2nd: Faith Jagger; 3rd: Peggy Morgan;

Lot 106: Cowboy Item: 1st: Dayle Lambertt; 2nd: Alice Mooney: 3rd: Mary Fuller;

Lot 107: Beatles Item: 1st: LisaBaer; 1nd: Barbara Clark; 3rd: Keith Artrip;

Lot 108: Necktie: 1st: Maxine Hershner; 2nd: Peggy Mogan; 3rd: Elsie McQuistion;

Lot 109: Sports Item: 1st: Phylis Miller; 2nd: Alice Mooney; 3rd:Mary Fuller;

Lot 110: Glass Toothpick Holder: 1st: Alice Mooney; 2nd: Phylis Miller; 3rd: Kim Hessey;

Lot 111: Jewelry Earrings: 1st: Phylis Miller; 2nd: Dayle Lambert; 3rd: Kim Hessey;

Lot 113: Small Corn Slicer: 1st: Maxine Hershner;

Lot 114: Cracker Jar: 1st BS Robin Lester; 2nd: Phylis Miller; 3rd: Vickie McKinney;

Lot 115: Stein: 1st: Alice Mooney; 2nd: Phylis Miller; 3rd: Darla Clinedinst;

Lot 116: Historical Plate: 1st: Alice Mooney; 2nd: Dayle Lambert; 3rd: Vickie McKinney;

Lot 117: Tall Celery Vase: 1st: Erica Hursey; 2nd: Maxine Hershner; 3rd: Alice Mooney;

Lot 118: Writing Box; 1st: Erica Hursey; 2nd: Dayle Lambert;

Lot 119: Chalkware Fruit: 1st: Vickie McKinney; 2nd: Elsie McQuistion; 3rd: Robin Lester;

Lot 120: Flour Sack Towel; 1st: Maxine Hershner; 2nd: Dayle Lambert;

Lot 121: Front Page News (Newspapers) 1st: Mary Fuller; 2nd: Maxine Hershner; 3rd: Erica Hursey

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel