Cardington Seniors resume meeting; learn about levy

By Evelyn Long - For The Sentinel

Cardington Seniors met at the Senior Center, Mount Gilead, for the first time in 18 months, with no meetings held during the COVID epidemic.

President Marie Christiana conducted the meeting during which Linda Ruehrmund, a member of the Renew the Levy committee, presented a letter on the need to renew the levy that will continue services.

It was noted that even though the center is now reopening, the staff has been busy in 2020 and early this year. There were 26,000 meals provided in 2020, 21,600 delivered and 4500 picked up outside the center. They continued serving seniors with transportation to medical appointments grocery store visits, and other necessary errands.

They logged 65,619 miles on their vehicles and 25,093 more miles logged on food trucks to deliver meals. There are 6,288 Morrow County citizens over 65 years of age.

Federal grants are decreasing so local levies are very important, it was noted. These levies provide 75 percent of the budget now. “It is very important to know that this is a renewal levy and there no new taxes,” said Ruehrmund.

The group voted to give a donation to the levy committee to help with expenses and to circulate the information to voters.

Terry Connor, activities director, introduced Dawn Konyn and Janice Akers from SSIP, Legacy Planning in Mansfiield. They presented an informative slide and video program on estate planning and they reviewed the creation of a Revocable Living Trust as alternative to probate court.

They also reviewed health health cost and financial powers of attorney, living wills and advance directives. All are needed when people are too ill to handle decisions and care for themselves.

Following the program, there was special assembling of items to give to events in county to promote the passing of senior renewal levy in November.

Terry Connor reported the August program will be presented by the Animal Shelter. They will discuss their program with the Marion Correctional Center that places dogs with the inmates.

The lunch was served at this meeting by the Senior Center staff. Linda Ruehrmund furnished cookies. Birthday wishes were sung to Phyllis Jiles.

The next meeting will be held at the Senior Center Friday, Aug. 27 at noon.

All seniors 60 and older are invited to attend the lunch and program. Reservations and cancelations must be made by calling the center before noon on Thursday, Aug. 26.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel