876 State Route 61, Bennington Township, Jason Clark to RD1 LLC, $240,000.

1 S. Main St., Marengo, Trevor and Heather Tracy to Matthew Ruhl, $158,000.

5210 County Road 9, Cardington Township, Andrew and Christy Crump to Robert and Maureen Schroeder, $351,000.

Main St., Cardington, CountryTyme Land Specialist Ltd. to Gerald and Kristina Stone, $39,900.

102 Riverview Drive, Cardington, Cindy and Brian Keckler to Douglas and Bobie Goodman, $105,000.

6435 County Road 25, Chester Township, Ronald Mitchell to Robert and Emily Wachalec, $294,900.

160 W. Sandusky St., Chesterville, Quincy Gibson to Kristen Brown, $180,000.

99 Mill St., Chesterville, Jacob Shaw and Jessica Kontul to Alena Carter, $205,500.

133 Portland St., Chesterville, Patty and Karen Roberts to Aaron and Jessica Beacom, $100,000.

5322 County Road 101, Congress Township, Timothy and Linda Baird to Andrew and Susan Piotrowski, $389,900.

6246 State Route 19, Congress Township, Terra Singer to Eleanor and Susan Ankrom, $345,000.

5934 Market St., Congress Township, Karen Plott to Nicolette Breinich and Lucas Fenner, $300,000.

6900 State Route 19, Congress Township, John Sharp to Erin and Damon Coomes, $93,000.

Lot 16, Congress Township, David and Sylinda Pratt to Douglas and Sharon Moseley, $599,900.

Lot 29, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Kenneth and Nicole Jonoes, $3,500.

Lot 133, Congress Township, Richard Horacek to Donald and Connie Melton, $45,000.

Lot 330, Congress Township, Jack and Donna Weaver to Brian and Mindy Shonk, $375,000.

Lots 17-18, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Justin and Andrea Thomas, $13,500.

Lot 155, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Thomas and Sherrie Thomas, $3,000.

Lots 35-36, Congress Township, Brian and Jennifer Gibson to RC & Amy, $21,500.

Lots 100-101, Congress Township, Rodney and Roxanne Zinn to Allison Trulong, $225,000.

Lots 59-60, Congress Township, Ronald Humbarger to Andrew and Mary Ruth Shumway, $12,000.

Lot 252, Congress Township, Stanley and Susan Whaley to John and Diana Rollins, $4,900.

Lots 256-257, Congress Township, James and Sally Promenschenkel to Walter and Diane Malys, $6,000.

4069 Township Road 111, Gilead Township, Joseph and Jackie Johnson to Christoper and Leigh Conant, $465,000.

418 Elmcrest Drive, Mount Gilead, H&H Rentals Ltd. to Bruce and Mercedes Stinson, $150,000.

153 E. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Jamie Brucker to Ron and May Properties LLC, $30,550.

240 Park Ave., Mount Gilead, Silas and Kallynne Markeson to Sandr Andrade, $151,500.

194 Elm St., Mount Gilead, Thomas and Kimberly Neal to Shawn Zarkos, $155,000.

3066 County Road 20, Harmony Township, Janet Phillips to Bruner Land Company Inc., $600,000.

4710 County Road 15, Harmony Township, William and Kristine Minnick to Tammy Tahey, $80,000.

5383 Township Road 121, Harmony Township, Daniel and Connie Trusler to Gregory and Michele Knight, $68,000.

3629 County Road 169, Lincoln Township, John Porter to Connie Shaffer, $22,000.

State Route 529 and Township Road 144, Lincoln Township, Amanda Armstrong to Cardington Community Food Pantry, $45,000.

319 W. High St., Fulton, Delmar McLain to Barbara Brownson, $30,000.

Township Road 144, Lincoln Township, Robert and Carolyn Armstrong to John and Holly Davis, $44,000.

307 W. High St., Fulton, Williams Preservation Trust to Tyson Blackwell, $155,000.

8341 County Road 20, North Bloomfield Township, Chase Huff to Breck and Ashley Bailey, $254,900.

9003 County Road 38, North Bloomfield Township, Jordan and Jennifer Williamson to Donald and Lori Spears, $175,000.

9493 Township Road 48, North Bloomfield Township, Wendy and Brent Fout to Aaron and Tara Maglott, $285,000.

4988 Donna Drive, North Bloomfield Township, Perry Preservation Trust to Cole and Cheyenne Hess, $215,000.

6941 County Road 201, South Bloomfield Township, Anthony and Jennifer Carr to Michael and Tamara Yoakum, $35,000.

734 County Road 204, South Bloomfield Township, Darlyene Hankins Property Management Trust to Jordyn Galbraith and Darin Kanode, $215,000.

8355 County Road 30, Washington Township, Evelyn McDaniels to Silas and Kallynne Markeson, $170,000.

8854 State Route 61, Washington Township, Jessica Welch to James and Margaret Edmundson, $5,000.

234 County Road 21, Westfield Township, Richard and Michaela Klingel to Matthew and Briana Love, $320,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.