Cardington-Lincoln personnel recognized

By Evelyn Long - For The Sentinel

The following Cardington-Lincoln School personnel were recognized during the recent board of education meeting for their years of service and retirement. They were recognized again when the annual end of the school year faculty and employee breakfast was held Friday, May 28.

For the 2019-2020 school year:

15 years of service: Carl Hardwick, Jr.; Cyndi Jordan, Jodi Adams, Paula Cairnie and Jennifer Zierden.

20 years of service: Angela Conley, Jillian Kaufman and Tom Hack.

25 years of service: Dawn Ruehrmund and Melissa Deems.

30 years of service: Janet Sedlacek.

Recognized for retirement: Linda Christy, six years of service.

Bonnie Williams, 18 years of service.

Cyndi Eyman, 19 years of service.

The high school recognized Angela Bush in the fall of 2020 for her retirement after 27 years of service.

For the 2020-2021 school year:

15 years of service: Erin Weaston.

20 years of service: John Brehm, L. Scott Hardwick, Carol Mosher, Joel Nichols, Diane Tucker and Tracey Zvansky.

25 years of service: Anita Foos, Kathy Gardner, Kim Harvey and Erik Kyrk.

30 years of service: Carl Hardwick, Sr. and Lori Levings.

Recognized for retirement this year:

Yvonne Eastep, 17 years of service.

Donna Kilgore, 22 years of service and Christy Short, 32 years of service.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel