Chamber Featured Members: Community Bookkeeping, Clark Seeds

By Anthony Conchel - [email protected]

Jessie and Nate Clark are a busy couple, managing two businesses from their home outside Marengo.

Community Bookkeeping LLC specializes in accounting and bookkeeping. Clark Seeds LLC is a supplier of commercial seeds for agriculture.

“I started the business in 2013. I had been doing personal income taxes part-time since 2007 while working a full-time job in Columbus. My kids were born and I wanted to be home more and Community Bookkeeping happened,” Jessie said.

In 2018 she moved the business to her home.

“My first client was the Chamber of Commerce, ironically. I was just looking after tax season was done to supplement the rest of the year.

“I knew there was need out there for small businesses. What you see is somebody is great at dry wall, for example, so they do that. But they struggle with the financial stuff and payroll stuff. It’s every small business.”

Community Bookkeeping can help with a variety of services, focusing on bookkeeping and payroll work.

Jessie is a QuickBooks ProAdviser.

“I’m your local expert in QuickBooks. It’s evolved a lot over the years from a desktop software. Now it’s an online cloud-based program. It is very popular.”

She can help set up software and help customize it to fit your business. She provides training sessions.

“My goal is for them to be self-sufficient and I can act as their consultant.”

Her clients range from farmers and diesel repair specialists to pizza shops and other small businesses.

Clark Seeds LLC sells seed for feed corn, soybeans, winter wheat, alfalfa and cover crops.

Nate began the business in 2009. They sell Seed Consultants brand and custom treat soybeans at their facility.

A coating is placed on the seeds to protect them, keeping them from rotting underground.

“We provide whatever fits the customers’ needs,” he said.

Contact: 956 County Road 204, Marengo. Call 419-768-1938 for Clark Seeds and 567-231-9912 for Community Bookkeeping.

By Anthony Conchel

[email protected]