By Brooke Clapham - FFA reporter

The Cardington FFA chapter members distributed in January, order forms on which to begin selling strawberries for their annual Strawberry Sale.

From Jan. 22 to Feb. 5, members sold strawberries to their friends, family and members of the community. Sold were whole flats and half flats.

A whole flat contained eight one pound containers at a cost of $22. A half flat contained four one pound containers at a cost of $12.

Every member of the chapter sold at least a half flat of strawberries.

On Feb. 23, the strawberries were delivered to Cardington-Lincoln High School and the members of the chapter helped unload them and deliver them to the buyers.

The chapter sold 403 flats of strawberries, grossing $9,026.

The chapter thanks all who purchased the berries and supported our organization.

By Brooke Clapham

FFA reporter